The Eid Records

Year1 Shawal10 Zulhijjah

2024 (1445H) Apr 10 Wed in Sg Merab, 5-beranak, smayang in SNR. PokJo joined. Ruby et al joined, hi-ing before leaving for TRG. Malini et al and Zidni et al, the former ex-Meru, the latter ex-Kuala Selangor joined. The only visitor we had was Munirah et al. Muzani et al were in Penang since before Shawal, and Alya et al were in JB. The following day, DRV-TGG, 4-beranak. All would join the rendv in TRG Apr 13 Sat 2 Shawal 1445H, but ASRI. Jun 17 Mon, in SG Merab.
2023 (1444H) Apr 22 Sat, Sg Merab. Smayang raya in SNR, 5-beranak, plus Zidni and Malini et al. Muzani et al, Ruby et al and POKJO 3-beranak joined in Sg Merab after smayang, making all were in Sg Merab, except Alya et al, in JB. Apr 24 Mon, DRVTGG 5-beranak. Jun 29 Thu, in SG Merab, 5-beranak, plus Muzani, Alya et al, plus Ruby's U3-daughters. Ruby et rest were in Tok Jembal, Malini et al in Yan, and Zidni et al in K-Selangor. Thus seventeen of us. Smayang in SNR. PokJo was with us briefly. NAS 3-beranak, Muzani's buddy, were the only guests.
2022 (1443H) May 2 Mon, Sg Merab. Pre-Shawal img was Apr 30 Sat 28 Ramadan 1443H. Smayang raya in SNR, 5-beranak, plus Zidni and ALYA 3-beranak who were fetched by SB. Had not been in SNR since 2020 Mar, the onset of MCO. Farhan arrived from JB. POKJO et al, and RUBY et al joined in Sg Merab after smayang, and Malini et al the last turning up, at night after all day in Meru vic. Muzani et al spent the raya in Bayan Lepas. With that Shawal 1443H ended. Jul 10 Sun, 5-beranak in W-Tengah, smayang in TELIPOT. Practically ank-cu2 were in sans Zidni, Malini et al who were with their own programme in KL-vic. ANI et al paid a visit. RUBY et al joined the next day. Next day Jul 11 Mon, 11 Z-Hijjah, it was NGEBAN TIME. We cooked in W-Tengah. NA chef-ed. And MEK et al made it in the evening. None of HAH's could make it.
2021 (1442H) May 13 Thu, Sg Merab with every one except ALYA et al 4-beranak in JB kept in the distance by MCO-v3. Jul 20 Tue. basically 4-beranak in Sg Merab, with CB and ASRI, with accompany-ing Ruby, Malini, and Muzani et al, and PokJo. Zidni et al were in Cyberjaya with 20-days old son, and Alya et al were in JB, all were trapped by the MCO. SB optted to spend in Ayer Keroh for almost similar reason. Nonetheless a hind-limb of a cattle kept us occupied all day at home, courtesy of PokJo and his Taman Team of Sect-3, Bangi.
2020 (1441H) May 24 Sun, Sg Merab 4-beranak. SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany, in his last leg of his Bachelor. All elder children, and their children were around, except ALYA et al who were in JB, prevented by MCO to return to Sg Merab. Jul 31 Fri. Sg Merab 5-beranak, including SB who had just done in OSNA, Germany, and freed from quarantine just the day before. Plus ALYA 4-beranak ex-JB for the occasion. A BBQ in the evening gathered all but EDI in TRG. Besan #4 et al of Muzani ex-Penang, and #5 et al of Alya ex-Semenyih-JB were the guests.
2019 (1440H) Jun 5 Wed, Sg Merab 4-beranak. SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany. Ruby et al were in TRG since several days before. Aug 11 Sun, Sg Merab 4-beranak with SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany. Plus all ank-cu2, including Minif-Hasif-Wazif, minus Ruby's boys in TRG, and Malini in Mina in her-hubby Haj journey.
2018 (1439H) Jun 15 Fri, Sg Merab 4-beranak. SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany, in the middle of his fifth semester exam for a degree. And Muzani et al in Penang. All other ank2 were around, including Alya et al. Aug 22 Wed, 5-beranak in W-Tengah. The morning, after solat in Masjid Batu Rakit was filled with QURBAN activities in Banggol Setiu. Other ank2 were on their own, but all were reportedly around Bangi, including Alya et al.
2017 (1438H) Jun 25 Sun, Sg Merab and K Nerus, TRG. SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany, in the middle of his Second Year final exam for a degree. NA third EID in the family. And the 8-th without Azizah. And DRVTGG 4-beranak on Sun night 1 Shawal for the rest of the break. ALYA was on her own now. Sep 1 Fri. Tok Jembal, K Nerus, TRG. 5-beranak with NA, CB and ASRI, and SB who was on a month leave from OSNABRUCK UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany, plus MALINI et al, and ALYA-FARHAN. Ruby, Zidni, and Muzani et al were on their own schedules.
2016 (1437H) Jul 6 Wed, Sg Merab and K Terengganu. SB was in OSNABRUCK, Germany, in the middle of his First Year final exam for a degree. NA first EID in the family. And the 7-th without Azizah. (A bomb-lie outside Masjid Nabawi in the evening of 29 Ramadan). And DRVTGG ber-5 on Thu 2 Shawal for the rest of the break. Sep 12 Mon. Tok Jembal, K Terengganu. With ALYA and CB and ASRI. SB was in OSNABRUCK UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany in his second year, for a degree. ZIDNI et al were in as well. Solat in Bintang otw to P-Panjang, JERTEH for NA's Qurban, where ank2 spent the second half of the day before returning to Tok Jembal, to CB-ALYA back to KUL by land.
2015 (1436H) Jul 17 Fri, Sg Merab. SB was in BERLIN, Germany, since Mar 28, in his German course, en route to OSNABRUCK for a degree. Sep 24 Thu. Sg Merab and K Terengganu. ALYA was on her last leg of her MSc experimental in UPM. CB was in his third week of LI in BBBangi in his final semester in Unisza. SB was in OSNABRUCK UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany since Sep 1, for a degree. Asri was two weeks away from his PT3. NA was two days away from being solemnised into the family. Every ank-cu2 was in KTrg, except Intan, and SB bracing for the solemn event of Sep 26 Sat. NB 1 Z-Hijjah, a storm was sent to Makkah, followed by heavy rain, a crane fell on the Saer Path, shahid-ed more than a hundred, a few M-Sians. And finally a stampede during Haj which caused more than a thousands lives. It was a tragedy year in Makkah.
2014 (1435H) Jul 28 Mon, Sg Merab. Oct 5 Sun, Sg Merab. SB was just finishing his A-Level trial examination in INTEC Shah Alam.
2013 (1434H) Aug 8 Thu, Sg Merab. Oct 15 Tue, Sg Merab.
2012 (1433H)Aug 19 Sun, Sg Merab. CB was two weeks away from checking-in in UniSZA for his next phase. Asri was three weeks away from his UPSR. Oct 26 Fri, Sg Merab. SB was ten days away from his SPM, and was not allowed to go home. We spent the raya with him instead in the school, ASIS, my physical alma mater.
2011 (1432H)Aug 30 Tue, in Sg Merab with the four lower kids. The four upper kids et al, were away on their own, in their own. The break schedule had made it possible to be in TGG, if Azizah were still around.Nov 6 Sun, in Sg Merab with every one, big and small, and extended to all staying around. A gathering in the evening, every one could tell that every one missed the only one missing.
2010 (1431H)Sep 10 Fri, K Terengganu. FIRST Shawal WITHOUT Azizah. All eighteen in the family were in Trg on the first Shawal. SB closing to PMR. Nov 17 Wed, Sg Merab. FIRST Zulhijjah WITHOUT Azizah. Someone is performing Haj for Azizah in Makkah-tul-Mukarramah, supposedly hand-picked by Awi MakTehPah. Malini et al in Meru, Klang; Intan in Putrajaya Hospital on duty; Edi at his house BBB 3/64. The rest were in Sg Merab on the Eid morning. Alya was in the middle of her semester exam in UPM.
2009 (1430H)Sep 20 Sun, Kuala Terengganu, Last Shawal for Azizah Nov 27 Fri, Sg Merab. Last Zulhijjah for Azizah. Syarbini in the middle of SPM
2008 (1429H)Oct 01 Wed (1429H), Kuala TerengganuDec 8 Mon (1429H), Kuala Terengganu
2007 (1428H)Oct 13 Sat (1428H), Kuala TerengganuDec 20 Thu (1428H), Sg Merab.
Zidni's engagement Dec 22 Sat
2006 (1426/27H)Oct 24 Tue (1427H), Sg Merab,
Alyani closing to SPM
Dec 31 Sun (1427H), Sg Merab.
Jan 10 Tue (1426H), Sg Merab
2005 (1425/26H)Nov 3, Thu (1426H), Kuala TerengganuJan 21 Fri (1425H), Sg Merab
2004 (1424/25H)Nov 14 Sun (1425H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 1 Sun (1424H), Sg Merab
2003 (1423/24H)Nov 25 Tue (1424H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 12 Wed (1423H), Kuala Terengganu
2002 (1422/23H)Dec 6 Fri (1423H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 23 Sat (1422H), Kuala Terengganu
2001 (1421/22H)Dec 16 Sun (1422H), Kuala TerengganuMar 6 Tue (1421H), Sg Merab
2000 (1420/21H)Dec 27 Wed (1421), Sg Merab. Asrizalni was 34 days old
Jan 8 Sat (1420H), Kuala Terengganu

Mar 16 Thu (1420H), Sg Merab
1999 (1419H)Jan 19 Tue, Kuala TerengganuMar 29 Sun, Buluh Kasap, Segamat, Johor.
1998 (1418H)Jan 30 Fri, Kuala TerengganuApr 7 Tue, Kuala Terengganu
1997 (1417H)Feb 9 Sun, Kuala TerengganuApr 18 Fri, Sg Merab
1996 (1416H)Feb 20 Tue, Kuala TerengganuApr 28 Sun, Kuala Terengganu
1995 (1415H)Mar 3 Fri, Kuala TerengganuMay 10 Wed, Sg Merab
1994 (1414H)Mar 14 Mon, Kuala TerengganuMay 21 Sat, Sg Merab. The founding APCCS, May 24-27.
1993 (1413H)Mar 25 Thu, Kuala TerengganuMay 31 Mon, Kuala Terengganu
1992 (1412H)Apr 05 Sun, Sg Merab. Syarbini was 37 days oldJun 11 Thu, Kuala Terengganu
1991 (1411H)Apr 16 Tue, Kuala TerengganuJun 22 Sat, Sg Merab
1990 (1410H)Apr 27 Fri, Kuala TerengganuJul 2 Mon, Sg Merab
1989 (1409H)May 06 Sat, Sg Merab. Alyani was 8 days oldJul 10 Thu, Sg Merab
1988 (1407H)May 17 Tue, Kuala TerengganuJul 24 Sun, Sg Merab
1987 (1407H)May 29 Fri, Kuala TerengganuAug 4 Tue, Kuala Terengganu.
Jul 18 Sat moved from Bangi to Sg Merab. Completed the move Sep 27 Sun
1986 (1406H)Jun 09 Mon, Kuala TerengganuAug 15 Fri, B B Bangi
1985 (1405H)Jun 20 Thu, B B Bangi. The break was too short.
Rubaini began her std 1 this year.
Aug 26 Mon, B B Bangi
1984 (1404H)Jun 30, Kuala TerengganuSep 5 Wed, B B Bangi
1983 (1403H)Jul 12 Tue, B B Bangi. Zidni was 4 days oldSep 17 Sat, B B Bangi
1982 (1402H)Jul 21 Wed, Salford Lab, Eccles, Mcr, EnglandSep 27 Mon, Salford Lab, Eccles, Mcr, England
1981 (1401H)Aug 2 Sun, Abderdeen, ScotlandOct 8 Thu, Salford Lab, Eccles, Mcr, England
1980 (1400H)Aug 11 Mon, Salford Lab, Whalley Range, Mcr, EnglandOct 19 Sun, Salford, Whalley Range, Mcr, England
1979 (1399H)Aug 25 Sat, Kuala TerengganuOct 31 Wed, Salford Lab, Whalley Range, Mcr, England
1978 (1398H)Sep 5 Tue, Kuala TerengganuNov 10 Sun, Damansara Utama SS22 (Mewah), PJ
1977 (1397H)Sep 15 Thu, Kuala Terengganu. First Shawal WITH AzizahNov 20 Sun, Damansara Utama SS22 (Mewah), PJ.
1976 (1396H)Sep 24 Fri, Salford, Ellesmere Ave, Mcr, EnglandDec 1 Wed, Damansara Utama SS22 (Mewah), PJ. First Zulhijjah WITH Azizah.
1975 (1395H)Oct 5 Sun, Salford, Ellesmere Ave, Mcr, EnglandDec 12 Fri, Lab in Salford, Ellesmere Ave, Mcr, England
1974 (1393/94H)Oct 16 Wed (1394), Lab in Salford, Ellesmere Ave, Mcr, EnglandDec 24 Tue (1394), Lab in Salford, Ellesmere Ave, Mcr, England
Jan 3 Thu (1393), UKM, Sect 17, PJ
1973 (1392/93H)Oct 27 Sat (1393), UKM, Sect 17, PJJan 14 Sun (1392), UKM, Sect 17, PJ
1972 (1391/92H)Nov 7 Tue (1392), Kuala TerengganuJan 26 Wed (1391), UKM, Jln Pantai/Sect 17, Sg Way
1971 (1390/91H)Nov 19 Fri (1391), Kuala TerengganuFeb 6 Sat (1390), Kuala Terengganu
1970 (1389/90H)Nov 30 Mon (1390), Kuala TerengganuFeb 16 Mon (1389), Sek Alam Shah, Jln Cheras, KL
1969 (1388/89H)Dec 11 Thu (1389), Kuala TerengganuFeb 27 Thu (1388H), Kuala Terengganu
1968 (1387/88H)Dec 21 Sat (1388H), Kuala Sentul, Pahang
Jan 1 Mon (1387H), Kuala Terengganu

Mar 9 Sat (1387H), Sek Alam Shah, Jln Cheras, KL
1967 (1386H)Jan 12 Thu, Kuala TerengganuMar 22 Wed, Sek Alam Shah, Jln Cheras, KL