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Salam Mohd Junaizee,
Selamat Hari Raya
TK for browsing my pages,
Go ahead, reproduced it, you have my consent,
keep in touch if you need any more help,
Glad finally see the ambitious copy ms published,
and looking forward for a complimentary/purchase copy of it,
Terima kasih, Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 7:34 PM

WSM Sdr Mahadzir,
Thank you very much for your mail and  appreciation,
With regards to the photos, please help yourself with them,
by doing so, I hope we all are united in proudness of being SAS-ians,
in a way the school had delivered quite an impact to the Malaysia
development and survival from point of view of orang melayu luar bandar,
for so many tens of years from the primitive 1963 to its unmarked end 2003.

For your info, my son was also a SAS-ian, Batch 1995-2000, his name is Ahmad Zidni,
perhaps you may have come across it.

Talking about the supreme of SAS,
my other son went in 2005 in Putrajaya. It was a curse for him since the spirit of SAS is still in
Bandar Tun Razak/Cheras, not in PUTRAjaya. For that he could not make it, he left prematurely in 2006.

As I said the spirit of SAS is still in Cheras, in the compound of now ASIS, guared very safe
on the rigs of the water tower,
behind once the Camp Tembusu where we built the fire and sing the songs of mortal SAS-ian.

Fortunately in 2011, my other son went in f4 in ASIS. He settled very well, and is currently in F5, making his life.
I went there to visit every weekend. To no-knowledge of none in the school (except my son), that I was there for
four years 1967-1970. I believed that some of the visiting parents are also SAS-ian, but obviously of younger batches.

Last three weeks the pioneer ex-ASIS hold their protem meeting of forming the ASIS ALUMNI. I talked to one of the member,
that make it in the constitution the allowance for the associate membership for those SAS-ian 1963-2003.
I talked also about this to the previous Pengetua ASIS, and the current Penolong Pengetua.

Don't know about the outcome. SAS oh SAS.

Sdr Mahadzir, thanks, and it's a plesure to have e-met you,

2012 Feb 18 Sat

Sdr Yazid,
TK banyak kerana masih ingat saya,
Jika Yazid yg sama yg saya ingat di SAS,
kali terakhir kita bertemu ialah tahun 1977 di Hospital Univ Malaya,
waktu itu isteri saya dalam wad OnG,
Wassalam, kita e-jumpa lagi,

WSM, and Thank you YSof,

Actually the name Yusof Said was not that unfamiliar to me, since as long ago as in 1966 when we were in Padang Midin. My close buddies at that time kept on mentioning it. However, the picture was always rather faint when I was trying to superimpose. With the anecdote you mentioned in 81 or 82 (I could dig it out exactly, it was in my diary, of course it would take some times to search), it is very clear now. You were then the CEO of Kwong Yik Bank in Batu 6. And we were having a cup of tea in the buzz of evening at the back of Pasar Batu 6, in front of your bank.

Well, YSof, it's nice to meet you again, be it an e-meet. Thank you very much indeed for having the high regard on me all this while. All the names you mentioned are very familiar with me, even till now. And I am in constant contact with some of them.

Let's started with our teachers. They are the persons I never, and would never go above. They are just our second parent. Without them, with the variants that we were during our times, when we were very dependent on them, we would not be in our path now. My form-1 form teacher was CheGu Saadiah, who I indebted dearly. I kept notes on her all the way. Alas, as a boy, I could not be nearer than if I were her relative. But, she was my teacher. After I left for SAS in 1967, I met her once in 1969 in Pasar Payang. Then it was a long silence. I search, and eventually, Allah blessed me. I went to see her at her home in Kapar, Klang Selangor. With her hubby CheGu Ahmad Yahya, my form-3 form teacher. That was the last time I met her. The next news I heard was that she passed away, at the time Zawiah Chik, and Mariam Jusoh, if you remember them, were preparing to visit her once she was located. In 2008, and again in 2009, CheGu Ahmad Yahya came to my place in Sg Merab, Selangor (without CheGu Saadiah) for the weddings of my sons.

Then CheGu Hussein Hj Ahmad, the hostel warden in 1965. Again, I am indebted very much to him. I mounted a similar quest to search for him. After 1967, I met him once in 1970 in SAS. He came over as guest for the sport day (he was then HM of Sekolah Men Jln Petaling). Again, a long silence. I eventually met him via n/paper in 2006. And visited his home in Kg Tunku, Petaling jaya in 2007.

Then our buddies. Right, we met in UM with Omar, and Othman, in 1977. Othman had passed away a couple of years ago, just before retirement, while he was the Agric Director of Kelantan. Omar stayed in Keramat, and we, and the family, meet from time to time. So do Razali Yusof in Dungun, Abdullah Yusof (and wife Zaharah Ahmad) in Chendering, and Abdullah Embong in Penang. Abdullah Che Din, retired from HM in Kemaman had just visited me a few weeks ago in my office in Trg, just before Ramadan. I met Mohamad Awang in pasar Bt 6 last week. Othman Ali (not Omar Ali) is ill in his parent place Surau Panjang. I went to place once in Port Klang, and he came over to my place once. Wan Muhamad Musa is also in constant contact with me. I met Ismail Mohamad (pulau Ketam) many time since my return to Trg. Unfortunately he had passed away. Last year I think, in Makkah.

I have not met Kamariah Ali. But Zaharah told me that she was a Pengetua Sekolah in Johor. I met Anuar Rusdi a few times. I went over to Sahir Mohamad place in Padang Ping, Jerangau, once. And met a few more during the walimah of Razali Yusof in Dungun, quite recently. Deraman Muda is retiring in Wakaf Tembesu in Trg. Jalil Ghani is retiring in Marang. We meet from time to time. I have been to his place once. His daughter in law is my clerk at the office now.

Well so much about buddies. I have retired actually YSof. Been in UKM as student from 1971 to 1974, then as staff onward to retirement 2007 Apr. Now on yearly contract in Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (previously known as Universiti Darul Iman, the upgraded Kusza). My anak2 stay in my home in Sg Merab, Bangi Selangor. I am here alone, commuting week ends.

So much YSof for time being. I am glad to have e-met you again. As you have said, insyaAllah, we will meet in person. Allah will bless all the good intentions.

Thank you again, wassalam. Selamat hari raya. Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas, mohon ampun dan maaf zahir dan batin. 2010 Aug 31 Tue. Mat Zakaria.

WSM, and Thank you En Rastam,

I think, the person En Rasani that I described in the web is indeed your father, judging by the fact of the Kampung Pandan incident in 1972.

I was then a student in UKM. Graduated in 1974, and continued at UKM as the academic staff. I have retired in April 2007, and currently in Terengganu (my birth place). But I still present in Bangi, Selangor, where my children grew up and settled. Due to the retirement age, I am now a contract lecturer at the faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu.

Certainly, and insyaAllah, I would like to meet again with your father. Even though we met only briefly in 1972, I think the short meeting was a rendezvous full of Allah's blessing, as I have noted in the web. If I may extrapolate from what I had in 1972, your father must be in the 65-70. He was not married yet then, so you could not be more than 40.

I think I last met him in 1977 or 1978, or 1979 in Bank Bumiputra, Universiti Malaya. I mention again about your father in my 1975 web, when I was in England, because I met one Sierra Leone student who said he knew a Malaysian in Liverpool whose description matched with the info I had about your father.

Thank you very much again En Rastam. Kirim salam banyak2 to your father. InshaAllah we will be given to chance to see each other again.

Mohon banyak2 maaf, kerana lambat balas.
Sebenarnya lambat baca gmail.
Terima kasih banyak2 kerana melayari web saya.
Semoga berjaya,

Time to become the guest to this little blogger who was one of my guest 2008 Dec 28 Sun,

WSM Zul,
Thank you for spending your time reading my pages. InsyaALlah, whenever the time was just for me
alone, and able to, I will write. SAS was only a fraction, but perhaps the most significant.
Perhaps to you, too. UDM is only four years, but surely detrimental and instrumental in your future 

By the way, spend more of your time reading the chemistry books, not just my notes.

Thanks, Zul.

Terima kasih Mazlina, you are right,
It was my carelessness. I have disabled its hyperlinks.A few other
pictures were also de-linked.
On "", also thank you very much for the appreciation.
Thank you again, Best Regards.

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Thanks Sohaib,
Unfortunately no, I do not know whereabout him after I left the school 1970.
had I knew, I would have visited him,
like I did to all my teachers that I managed to trace.
Thanks for surfing my pages

Date:   	Thu, November 13, 2008 10:19 pm
To:   	"sx mas" || (less)
"Dr Mat B Zakaria" ||

Yes Masukor,
I remembered you. My one year senior, who went to Australia after STP.
Thank you for surfing my pages.

Date:   	Thu, November 13, 2008 10:34 pm
To:   	"Abdelbaset Ibrahim" || (less)
"Dr Mat B Zakaria" ||

Dear Abdelbaset,
Thank you for your enquiry. I was just contacted by Dr Salleh's daughter,
Shaliza, several years ago. That he had retired into a private life. I had
forwarded your letter to email add, and also copied this letter to her. Not
so sure about the validity of the add. Hopefully something will kicks from
Thank you.

from	A. Karim Omar ||
date	Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 7:57 PM
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Dr. Mat,

Saya ingin memohon keizinan untuk copy posting Dr. Mat di:

ke blog Sulaimanian. Harap dapat keizinan tersebut.

	from	mat zakaria ||
to	"A. Karim Omar" ||,
date	Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 10:46 PM
subject	Re:
hide details Nov 8 (5 days ago)
Sdr Karim,
Go ahead, mine whatever you need from my pages.
And in fact I felt honoured to be tagged along.
My other email that I frequently open is

2008/11/8 A. Karim Omar 

from mat zakaria to KHAIRUL NIZAM , date Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 11:30 AM subject Re: Salam & congratulation mailed-by WSM Sdr Khairul, Mohon banyak2 maaf lambat balas sebab tak selalu sangat buka gmail ni. Maklumlah dah tak nerd lagi di hujung2 jalan ni. Any way terima kasih sekali lagi for the interest. Sebenarnya the strongest driving force yang mendorongnya ialah nostalgia di SAS masa pertengahan 95, bila gi hantar anak ke TKC (perempuan). Masa tu adalah terjumpa dua tiga orang SAS-ian, ada yang saya tak kenal tapi mereka kenal saya. Um, gi sekolah orang lain teringat sekolah sendiri. I always felt that the best part of the time I have been through was during the SAS time. Masa tu internet dah ada, tapi kemudahan publish by private party belum berleluasa lagi. Lagipun harga tak begitu menggalakkan. Sehinggalah UKM beri ruang untuk lecturer publish their CV. Many lecturer mostly have little to publish, so many space were left vacant. Etc, etc. Talking about SAS, I happened to have a chance to go to SAS putrajaya (SSAS actually). Like many colleagues, when I stepped my foot in, I did not have a feeling in it. I think the school (SSAS) hated me, rather than I who hated the school. To make the story short, my SAS is still in Cheras, by whatever name it had evolved. Thank you again Khairul, Mat Zakaria.

Subject: Re: Nostalgia From: Date: Thu, June 19, 2008 11:38 pm To: Priority: Normal Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version | Download this as a file | View Message details Waalaikumussalam Sdr Idris. Thank you for interest in my pages. Forgive me for the rather delayed reply. Because I do not always open gmail. My operating email is as current: in Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu, i.e my new employment after retiring from UKM. Surely when I first saw the sender, Idris Mamat, my mind was to my oldy whom then my instict snapped, to arrange to meet after such a very long time. The last I saw him was 1973. By the way, thanks again for visiting my page. I used to have a close friend in Alam Shah who was from Kelantan. I think he was also from Bachok. His name was Md Yunus Awang. One year my senior. The last time I saw him was in 1968 or 1969. He came over to my place in Terengganu once, and spent the night with us. I had no news about him after that. I knew Prof Mansor in UKM. Economist perhaps, I am not sure. Not in science for sure. Met him occasionally in cafe sometimes a few times ago before I retired from UKM. I am not sure he kept my image or not. Thank you again,Sdr Idris. It's my pleasure to have e-met you. Wassalam, Mat Zakaria.

From: Date: Fri, May 9, 2008 9:40 pm To: Cc: Priority: Normal Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version | Download this as a file | View Message details Dear Mohd Hazarin, I do not open gmail as often. That explained the long time lap before you receive this mail. I am sorry. Thank you very much for your time in surfing my pages in the net. As you had naturally done, I did that out of the insistance of a couple of school days buddies, in order to keep us "in the air", so that any one could sort of grap on their way to the destination. It had helped keeping us together for while, and for quite sometimes to some of us. Thank you again. Mat Zakaria.

SSP eventually visited 2005

Dear Dr Khasnur, I am sorry, it took sometimes to get "in touch" with your mail, as I was then in the middle of moving to my new place. I am almost settled now in Universiti Darul Iman, K.Terengganu. 500 km away from my previous place, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. I thank you very much for your appreciation of my scripts on my experience, especially on your "alma mater", SSP, KL. That experience was actually furnished because of my daughter enrollment in 2005. By the way which hospital are you working? Than you again.

Dear Dr Faridah,
Please help your self. However, I myself do not know the original owner of the photo. I took it from UKM website during my tenuare there. May be they owned it. Nonetheless, personally, since what you are doing is a noble deed, I do not think that it will raise any claim from any body. And please do not credit the photo to me. I attach the original for your convenience. Thank you for your interest.
Dr Mat B Zakaria

From: malcolm huglin <>    
Subject: hello 
Date: 03/10/06 19:50 

Dear Mat,
It's a pity that I was not able to meet Ruby. She attached a virtual life story (why in English and not 
Bahasa Malay?), which I have started to read , especially years 1980-1983. It's all truly amazing how
you must have made a note of every single name, address, conversation etc as well as retaining photographs.
I wouldn't like to try to keep any  any secrets from you: you also seem to have read my inner thoughts
(correctly) on several occasions. The whole thing is a masterpiece and makes truly fascinating reading. 
Ruby mentioned something about your future retirement. Is this soon and is it compulsory? 
I imagine that you will wish to retain your university office facilities and carry on in some capacity  
even it is unpaid. Here, I passed retirement age , but carry on as a research professor, with the help 
of postdoc(s). However the Vice Chancellor (VC) decided 4 years ago that Dept. of Chemistry must close 
as must also  Chem. Eng., Mechanical eng.,civil eng and physics (physics has had reprieve ). Actually 
about 29 UK depts of chemistry have been closed  including also Exeter, Swansea, Lancaster, Manchester 
Metropolitan (new name for MC   Polytechnic), Kings College London, Queen Mary College London  etc.  
Here the Cockcroft Building has been altered at enormous expense (2.5 milllion   pounds) so as to destroy 
labs and fume cupboards and to construct palatial  corridors, offices (with rubber plants)  and labs for 
some biochem. & biophys. chem previously housed in Peel  Building,    as well as suites for School' and 
'Faculty' administrators Slowly one by one my colleagues left to join industry, other universities in UK 
and USA and one (not yet of retirement age) decided it would be expedient to call himself a physicist. 
One became so depressed that he simply could not fight the foolish system, was too young to receive a 
pension  and one day was found dead. I actually have a better office  in Cockcroft   now  than the one,
which you remember. I really cannot supervise any experimental work  and in any case would not want the 
headache  of supervising PhD   students of dubious scientific and linguistic ability. Times were 
different  in the 70s and 80s. The health of my wife Shirley  has not been 100% over the past  3 years  
and this is also one the reasons why I only go in to the office   1 or  2 times per week. I help with 
shopping, housework and cooking.  Of course the lovely large house, which you designed and built, is 
still ideal and necessary  for your large family. Shirley feels that it would be sensible for us to 
live in something a bit smaller with no steps to climb, e.g. a bungalow (with garden) or a flat 
(without garden). Nothing, which we have seen yet is suitable and for some reason the prices asked  
are nearly as high as those in London.   Moreover   it is difficult  to sell one's house: the property 
market in Liverpool is moving very, very slowly. I also had some health 
problems, but 'm happy that they seem to be overcome. The sole annoying 
one is a dental  one and  it looks as if I'll have to have some PMMA  
in my mouth. I really don't know if and when we'll be returning to your 
delightful country. Shirley is keen; in fact she says that  we don't 
take  enough holidays' She is right. I'm trying to write a few papers, 
but I'm not PC-literate  enough to  do the graphs, Greek symbols etc. 
My Chinese (also part-time) post doc is.  Some time , maybe within a 
few months ago I think I'll look into  the possibility of a short Note
by you and me on part of your thesis, namely the change in volumetric 
swelling with reciprocal temperature. 
That's all for the moment. 
I'm off to the dentist now.

Warmest regards to all the family
Best wishes
Malcolm [Professor  M. B. Huglin]

Dear Dr Huglin,
I was in deep thinking of writing to you when your mail arrived. I was in it since Ruby was visiting Manchester last May or so. I was hoping she managed to catch you in the Cockroft. She wrote to me again that she was going to Liverpool during about this time (for which I forwarded your home address); only then I thought I would be writing to you to express my million thankyou for seeing my daughter. That was the plan (supposedly contains some element of surprise). Things did not happen as planned. It seems that she is coming home these few days to catch to celebrate the Eid on Oct 24 at home. She has some years more in Nottingham. I believe she will eventually visit you. We are sincerely very sad to hear about Shirley. Please convey our well-wish for her. Ruby told me about it in May that you told her over the phone. We all remember her wery well, especially Azizah (my wife) and Malini (#2daughter who went to see you in the Cockroft while she was in Cambridge sometimes after the year 2000). They remembered (perhaps permanently) vividly your visit to our place in Dec 1993; something they incomprehend to explain how and why it happened. Especially the daughters knowing that when they were small, they 've been at your place, eating from your plates, eight thousand miles away. And when they have grown up, they are both, in a brief moment, in England again.
About my pages in the web? Yes, the story was more or less like how we end up writing the paper in 1982 about the permeability units (pubd. in Angew Makromol Chem 1983). It started with a collection of the units for simple consumption, but then seeing something 'shadowy', we tried to trace it to make it to appear real. I built up the pages likewise slowly, from the beginning of the early-html period. ICT nerds can tell it by seeing that some of the pages are written with the old fashion style as early as the late 1980's. In early 1990s the university encouraged lecturers to put up their cv in the server for easy access. I did that. And the Chem Dept asked me to tutor others to do it. They did not respond well. It happened that the Deputy Director of Computer Centre was a friend of mine (Dr Harun, husband of Dr Maimunah) and he told me that out of the space reserved for the lecturers only about 5 % was taken up - and he let me use the unused space as I wish. For some times, like Dr Harun, in post 1990s, I was made to spend much of my time with computer things, not only in the Chem, but larger into the Faculty. Including the updating for the students in the faculty - meaning teaching IT to science students (at one time ca. 650 in my class). I practiced it while teaching. The results is the pages. Doing it with the regalia of well-trained researcher. And I remembered the first thing I wanted to write was about going to England in 1976 and again 1979 because the experience was an off-set.
About my retirement, yes, next year 2007 April 20 when I complete 56. In here lecturers are grouped as Gov servant. They retire at 56. Some lecturers however are 'invited' to continue after that on contract basis. In this regard there so many ways of arrangements, almost all the imaginables; from as simple as continuing the status quo, to as 'complex' as month-to-month basis contract; and accordingly the pay. But there is no such thing as retaining the facility after retirement. Once retired, the university will erase your name and transfer the welfare to the gov pension scheme like ordinary gov workers as alike as the office boy. This is the unconfused difference between the academician in a developed country and the academician in a developing country. Whatever the arrangement is after 56, every body has to stop at 65. Dr Maimunah also retires next year, earlier than me, perhaps March; Dr Harun has retired, since last year 2005.
I am really pleased for having this opportunity to have such a close 'discourse' with you again. Thank you and our warmest regard.
Mat B Zakaria

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From: "Tengku Raihanah" 
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Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 15:03:25 +0800

Dear Dr.M.Zakaria
I stumbled on the article that you wrote -  SAS re-revisited is very interesting.
I hope your son also have positive things to say about the new SASPutra.
I'm hoping to visit the school to promote some bumi grants for recent Form 5 students.
I think I've met Dr. Jariah Masud a few times when I attended some conference
at M.U a long time ago.
Keep on writing.
Tengku Raihanah Ismail

Dear Tengku Raihanah,
Thank you very much Tengku for your warm rensponse. Sound like you'r from a firm or something. It would be nicer to have known you closer, but btw hope you r still contactable in 4 years time (lol). Dr Jariah is in UPM. It seems that you are sharing her interest in the area of women and family development, an intrinsic thing that any developing nation is fast loosing. In this regards, I keep a close watch on every of my child who went to hostel at the very tender age of 13 years. At 13 many kiddos are not yet 'baligh' and mumayyiz. At this age they are just a very innocent boys. In 5 years in the hostel, they learn a lot in the hostel (the teachers and wardens being the guardians), and after 5 years they become a very active, contending teenagers. The psychology has a special subject on the teen agers. Their teen-ager-ness is formed/set during the 5 years period. And later 'mature' into adults when they enter middle twenty; and then become elements in the family when they themself have the family with the most probable independency from the parents. There are saying that "we are what we eat"; I heard many psychologists and even psychiatrist say something like, an adult in their forty is a reflection of a kid entering their teen. One interesting thing about hostel life is that the 13-yrs boys mixed with the 17-yrs in the absence of parental guide. Character/behaviour osmosis will take place, and naturally there are good and there are bad things depending on the 'particle' that are being osmosised. Thank you again, Tengku.

Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 11:58:44 +0000 (GMT)
From: From Penawan <>
Subject: Salam
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Sdr Professor Mat,
Assalamu alaikum!
I may have written to you before, but I feel I must again.
Your web page is absolutely fascinating, written by someone
who really knows his Trengganu. I must take time to read it all.
But fr now I must thank you for having solved a puzzle.
Since childhood I've known the little insect as 'Cik Ru' but which
I know now (after reading your page)
that it is Cecurut. Thank you. I've written about this a couple of times
in my blog (
but no one seems to know about this mysterious creature.
You wrote about the Lagoon in Kuala Ibai. I know the place well.
My friend, a Perakian by the name of Aznan Mahayuddin,
lived there in a beautiful house that
commanded a wonderful view.
I'd love to hear from you. 
Salam from your Trengganu brother, 

-Wan A Hulaimi (Awang Goneng)

Dear Wan,
Very glad indeed to have e-met you. Can't remember if you had written to me before. My e-mail had many times undergone 'rejuvenate' due to many reasons. But 'Awang Goneng', the picture, rang the bell, perhaps I stumbled him while surfing for some classical kuala terengganu 'sceneries', the places I had been to, the street I used to stroll along, the shops, etc. I am still keeping an eye for the pictures of Kedai Binjai (now Sri Malaysia), the original Kedai Payang (now Pasar Payang), and the more visited Kedai Tanjung (Pasar Tanjung - now vanished making the way for the Perhentian Bas Ekspres), and the bus station. I visited your blogspot and admittedly I had stolen your 'banjir kedai payang' picture. Thank you very much Wan: kedai payang on the left, the place I bought 'telur penyu' (the leather back one, jeruk, or fresh, for 10 sen sebiji, and limau langkat (now they call it limau madu), 25 biji seringgit, tambah lagi dua biji; I ate a few times 'nasi malaya' with friends in one of the shop on the right rows when I was a school pupil in SS. Also the kedai buku 'paklah yunan', supposedly the 'largest' bookstore after 'pustaka timur'. I was a welfare recipient when I was a pupil in SS, and we collected our loan books from Pustaka Timur. Unfortunately the view of 'mesjid putih' (should be at the very right corner of the picture) was covered by the rain, othervise it should give a more nostalgic picture. This picture perhaps was the big banjir 1966/67, or before. Eid 2004, I managed to capture the 'Cathay' still in one piece (although had changed to 'kedai lelong baju') as in the 60's; but my spot was the warung infront of it where I had 'abc - air batu campur', or abk - air batu kacang, - yes the word was coined since 1960's. Thank you again Wan for having e-meeting you.

Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 07:14:25 -0800 (PST)
From: shaliza salleh 
Subject: update!!
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my name is shaliza and my father is dr.mohd salleh deni.
i was browsing for something for my father when i came across your pages.
very very nice! it was nice to see what my dad was like when he was young!
in case you want an update (i notice that no recent information was available),
he recently retired in april this year after working
as the general manager for telekom malaysia's research and development division.
before that, he was an associate professor in utm skudai.
we have moved to putrajaya after living in subang jaya for over twenty years. 
thanks anyways.

Dear Shaliza,
Thank you very much indeed for your response, in fact am very glad that finally I have a source of update. Actually I have been waiting for some times to update your father's particulars. It appeared that it was very scarce in the net. Many of our old friends, buddies in the school etc depend very much on my website to findout whereabout our school days buddies. Your father, Dr Mohd Salleh Deni is a close friend of mine, especially was, during SAS days in the pre-70 and in UKM in the 70's. Kirim salam banyak2 padanya. It would be very nice indeed, for that matter, if you could furnish with one of his photo (scan it), perhaps those of age about 50, so that I could open up a link for old buddies to see. Also contact number and home adress. I normally keep the home address and contact number invisible from the net. When any one need, they will contact me. TQ again, and very please to have e-met you.

Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 16:49:49 +0100
From: baha <>
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Subject: Salam dari UK
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A'kum Dr. Mat Zakaria,

Tidak ada apa yang saya ingin tuliskan, hanya ingin mengucapkan ribuan 
terima kasih pada Dr. kerana menceritakan perjalanan hidup Dr. yang 
panjang dan sangat ceria. saya sangat tertarik dan ini membuatkan saya 
lebih bersemangat untuk berjaya sekurangnya menyamai pencapaian Dr. 
ribuan terima kasih saya dan salam saya pada keluarga ..

Baharuddin Mohamed Nottingham University

Terima kasih Sdr Baha,
Pertamanya, saya mendoakan semoga sdr akan berhasil dengan cita-cita sdr,
malah lebih berhasil daripada saya serta menjadi seorang guru yang berdedikasi.
Menjadi guru yang berdedikasi sangat besar 'investmentnya', jika kita percaya
kepada 'the great cycle of life', dan kita orang Islam dijanjikan dengan balasan
yang sangat besar pada hari kemudian nanti.
Jika takdir berkebetulan dengan rancangan, InsyaAllah pada bulan September ini,
anak saya sekeluarga (tiga beranak) akan ke University Nottingham, buat PhD
dalam bidang Food Science. Wassalam. Terima kasih sekali lagi.

From: "Nik" <>
To: <>
Subject: SAS memories
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 15:18:09 +0800
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Dear Dr Mat,

I really enjoy reading your memoirs in SAS. Your collection of the 
photos of then and now are truly classic and thanks for bringing back 
the memories of SAS.

I still can't accept the 'death' of the old SAS with its own 
charm as an old man unlike the young and flashy SASputra.

The best I can do now is to attend the annual dinner and talk about 
the reminiscence of the good old days with ASAS friends but the 
physical attraction to SAS is no longer there. As one SAS 
alumni said in his eulogy to SAS "Yes, my school died in 
April 2003. Its dead carcass still stands in mute testament, 
in Jalan Tenteram, Cheras, Kuala  Lumpur. Rest in  peace, SAS'  It's 
a cruel way to die".

Thanks for being the heart and soul of ASAS, the place where I grew up!

Nik Mat Ismail 
1977 -1981 (SPM)  
Executive Director
Green Packet Berhad
Tel: 603-8996 6022
Mobile: 6012-3112425

Terima kasih Sdr Nik,
Although we were not in the same span of time in SAS, the SASian bond is too strong to deny the truth of what you have just said. As you might have gathered from my webs, the bond kept on tying me to SAS, again in 1995-2000 (my #3son), and again this year 2005 (my #6son), but "unfortunately" in Putrajaya. I go to SAS Putrajaya every Sat and Sun since Jan, but, the like your friend eulogued, I hate it so much because I love the original SAS very much. However, concurrently my #5daughter is in SMS Seri Puteri, Jalam Kolam Air (the original of which had suffered the same fate to Cyberjaya) which was SAS's very dear sister in 1967-1970. I visit her every Sat and Sun too (half-half with SAS), and it is here I confided my "love" to SAS, by accepting the vote to AJK PIBG of SESERI (nickname for SMS Seri Puteri, Jln Kolam Air).
Sekian Nik, terima kasih sekali lagi.
Mat Zakaria.

from: "MOHAMAD LONG" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:34:24 +0800
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Subject: TAHNIAH
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Saya baru melayari web site Prof. Amat menarik. Web site tersebut 
mengingatkan saya kepada room-mate saya  iaitu Dr. Mat Soot Ahmad. 
Masa tu beliau di Tahun 4, bersiap sedia utk  ke Salfort. Saya masih 
freshie. Tolong kirim salam pada beliau. Saya sekarang bertugas di 
sebuah pejabat kerajaan di Putrajaya.

Terima kasih Sdr Mohamad Long,
InsyaAllah, akan saya sampaikan. Saya telah juga 'forward'kan e-mail ini kepada beliau. Sdr boleh menguhubungi beliau secara langsung. Tel pejabat: 03 89215470; e-mel: Di Kementerian manakah di Putra Jaya Sdr bertugas?
Sekian, terima kasih sekali lagi.
Mat Zakaria.

From: "Lanujang" <>
To: <>
Subject: website
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 22:37:56 +0800


saya bekas pelajar SAS tahun 81-85. tahniah dan setinggi penghargaan kepada tuan kerana mengadakan website tuan berkenaan kehidupan tuan di Alam Shah. pada saya, hasil karya tuan sungguh hebat. terimakasih saya ucapkan sekali lagi.
disamping timbulnya rasa gembira dan rindukan kehidupan di sekolah dulu, saya juga agak sedih bila mengenangkan yang sekolah kita sebenarnya sudah tiada. yang tinggal hanya bangunannya sahaja. apa boleh buat, Allah lebih mengetahui dan berkuasa...
saya tidak mempunyai 'sense of belonging' langsung bila mendengar atau menyebut nama sekolah alam shah yang baru. hati saya tetap pada SAS yang lama. malangnya, hanya lokasi dan bangunan sahaja yang dapat saya tunjukkan kepada anak-anak.
maafkan saya jika email saya ini hanya menganggu tuan. saya hanya hendak meluahkan perasaan kecewa saya kerana kehilangan sesuatu yang saya sayangi. but then again, Allah lebih berkuasa...
sekian sahaja.



Terima kasih Sdr Nunukanak,
Saya pun berperasaan seperti sdr juga. Tapi apa kan daya kita. Sdr akan mempunyai masa yang lebih panjang untuk melihat perkembangan SAS yang mendatang ini.
Sekian, terima kasih sekali lagi.
Mat Zakaria.

From: Mohd Zameen Azuan <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Website
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:41:54 +0800
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Assalamualaikum Dr,

My name is Mohd Zameen Azuan Bin Mohd Zahari, as you might have noticed
immediately, I am Zahari Bakar's son (I do realise that my father has been
mentioned a couple of times with his photos and my mom's recent photos
too!!). Reading through your "memoirs" of your days in Alam Shah and UKM
brought back memories when I was a little boy and my dad used to tell
stories of the good times he had at both establishments as striking
similarities are there. Your days in your alma matter, SAS also invoked fond
memories of the years that I spent there (1989-1993). Your times in Salford
further opened the path down memory lane as I was a frequent visitor to
Manchester during my days in UK (football matches at Old Trafford, Friends
in Chelthem Hill & Salford). I stumbled upon this website by chance and was
immediately taken by it and I went back home that day and excitedly told my
parents about it. They were awestruck by recollection of the stories and I
believed my Dad actually went and surfed it the very next day! Anyway, I
just would like to commend you on the amazingly detailed effort you've put
in. Keep up the good work!!!

Zameen Zahari
Securities Commission

Sdr Zameen,
Thank you very much for your appreciation. Apologise for the unimmediate reply,
What I can complement is that your dad was my good friend in 1969-70 in SAS, and closer in 1971-1974, and also your Mom, in UKM. Asked them. Perhaps I went to your home on your wedding (Bangi) day, Nov 4 Sun, 2001.
A pic with your dad (I was hidden by him)
Another one
And another one
And with your Mom, your dad was shooting this photo!!
Incidently, one of my son, was a pupil your Mom knew in SMKBBB.
Wassalam, and to your dad and Mom, too.

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:16:31 +0800
From: Kamal 
Subject: Tahniah!Laman web`mbz sgt menarik!!
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Saya telah melawat laman web yg sungguh menarik tentang Sek.Men Padang Midin
dr segi arkibnya dan mengingatkan nostalgia yg lalu.Sesungguhnya tuan
mempunyai bahan koleksi yang banyak yang boleh dikongsikan dengan teman
seangkatan dan sejarahnya. Saya adalah bekas pelajar Sek. Men. Padang Midin,
Kuala Terengganu pd sekitar 1977-1980. Bila melihat koleksi gambar
mengingatkan kenangan lama semasa belajar di sana dan tinggal di hostel yg
banyak meninggalkan sejarah. Kebetulan pula cerita yang dipaparkan,
berkenaan cikgu2 nya ada juga yg mengajar saya.. Umpamanya cikgu Halim
Hassan (mengajar Kertas Am pada 1979& 1980), Cikgu Ibrahim Sihi (menjadi
Guru Bahasa Inggeris semasa menuntut di UMS. Kisah Allahyarham Cikgu Ismail
Yusof,adalah menarik kebetulan allahyarham adalah pak sepupu saya (Sepupu
kepada mak saya), kisah Ibrahim (pak su Him akan sekelas tuan juga).
Untuk makluman, bapa saya juga adalah bekas guru di Sekolah Menengah Padang
Midin iaitu Allahyarham Cikgu Haji Mohd. Shah bin Haji Awang pernah menjadi
Penolong Kanan.

Sekian, terima kasih

Drp: Mohd. Kamal bin Mohd. Shah,
D-102, Kampung Paloh,
20050 Kuala Terengganu.

P.S. Actual date received: 2004, Jan 16 Fri

Sdr Kamal,
Terima kasih banyak2 sdr Kamal kerana telah melayari laman web saya.
Alamat Sdr, D102 Kg Paloh, mengingatkan saya, Alamat D-111 Kg Paloh. Tentu ia sangat berhampiran. Rumah D-111 itu adalah rumah kawan karib saya, Sdr Othman Ngah (kini Pengarah Pertanian Kelantan). Antara tahun 1965-1970 saya sangat kerap ke rumah itu. Pernah sekali (lupa tahunnya), saya masuk jalan Paloh itu, dan saya dapati kawasan rumah berkenaan telah berubah. Rumah dulu adalah jenis tinggi, bawah rumah mungkin 10-12 kaki tingginya; rumah yang telah berubah itu menjadi rumah rendah.
Tentang CheGu Ismail Yusof, sebagaimana yang saya abadikan dalam memoir saya itu, saya amat terhutang budi kepadanya; cuma pada waktu itu, saya teramat kecil, dan teramat 'kampung' untuk menyuratkan hutang tersebut dan membalasnya. Saya sentiasa mendoakan kerahmatannya, bersama-sama dengan doa untuk ibu dan ayah saya.
Terima kasih sekali lagi.
Mat Zakaria.

From: "Janet Locke" <>
To: <>
Subject: Sekolah Alam Shah
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 23:12:28 -0000


I read with interest your account of returning to Sekolah Alam Shah after many years, because I taught there in 1964 as a VSO teacher. I am planning to stop over in KL for 24 hrs at the end of March next year on my way to Vietnam, and was hoping to make contact with some of my fellow teachers from that time. Of course after 40 years I realise that perhaps many of them will no longer be in KL, but I wondered if you would have any means of finding out whether Raja Shahriman bin Raja Husein or Baharum bin Othman are still around, or indeed others that I remember . I think both of them left the school a couple of years after I did.

I should be extremely grateful if you have any information. Thank you.
Janet Locke (formerly Glass)


Dear Janet,
I am working on it and will get in touch on whatever outcome, as soon as possible,

Dr M.B. Zakaria, (
Associate Professor,
School of Chemical Science & Food Technology,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 UKM BANGI, Sel D.E., MALAYSIA
Voice: +603 89215443, Fax: +603 89215410; +603 89256068

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From: "Shah" <>
To: <>
Subject: Hebat
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 07:41:43 +0800
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Saya telah menerokai laman web dok. Memang hebat dan teringat semasa di SAS. Dapat lihat gambar keluarga dr. Dapat maklumat rakan-rakan lama. Tahniah.
Cuma tak sempat bertanya dr.
1.Berapa orang cahaya mata ?

Selamat menyambut hari raya kepada dr sekeluarga.

Lapan cahaya mata:
3 perempuan (#1,#2, dan #5) dan 5 lelaki (#3, #4, #6, #7, dan #8)
Terima kasih kerana melayari laman saya. Boleh saya dapat maklumat lebih detail tentang sdr?

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From: "Tellie Kitekat"
Subject: About Hitler Natasuwarna
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:56:02 +0700
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 28 Nov 2002 06:56:02.0751 (UTC)

Dear Sir,
Today, I used the search engine to find any article/published information of our family "Natasuwarna" and found your website. I am Hitler Natasuwarna's daughter and I was born in KL in year 1972 during my father's service to the university. Finding a short information about my father and an old picture of him certainly bring me back great memories with him in KL in the past. Thank you for saying good things about him. He died in 1988 just a night before Hari Raya Ied. While other people were celebrating Ied, we were mourning sadly for his death. But nevertheless, we are very grateful of how we have become through our family upbringing. I am now working as a Consultant and leader of Global Information Service Practice at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, an American firm owned by Marsh McLennan Group. I graduated from Germanistik - Language, Literatur and Culture UNPAD, Bandung and Diploma of Mass Communication in London Insititute of Communication, Jakarta (I've never got that 'scientist nature' from him :-)). I live in Jakarta with my newly wedded husband (we've just got married last month). In another side, my beloved older brother, Ryzca Natasuwarna got his genius brain from our dad :-)) Ryzca graduated from Mechanical Engineering - ITB, Bandung and he lives in Bandung with his loving wife and daughter. His particular interest is metaphysics, he owns a Bioenergy Enterprise and he is now a Yoga Meditation Master. He has a lot of students of any age.

I do hope that we could continue correpondence, I need to know more about my father's "good time" at school (I know that he loved teaching more than anything else). Please send me email if you have time.

My best regards to your family and friends,
Thelma Natasuwarna-Wuisan

Dear Ms Thelma dan keluarga:
Saya membalas surat ini dalam bahasa melayu agar bilangan netters yang dapat menangkapnya mempunyai minima kefahaman. Saya amat terharu sekali membaca surat anda, sekali sekala menitis air mata dan sebak dada, meskipun begitu lama ayahnda anda bertatangkan kami di sini, saya, dan sebilangan besar kawan2 seangkatan masih tetap bersama roh Pak Hitler. Saya bukan sahaja menulis tentang pak hitler yang baik2 sahaja, tetapi itulah yang pak hitler ada padanya, yang lain tak ada, sepanjang kami bersama-samanya dari tahun 1969 di sekolah alam shah, cheras, sehingga 1973 di UKM, jalan pantai baru (selepas itu saya berangkat ke uk untuk melanjutkan pelajaran. Itulah period terakhir kami bersama-sama Pak Hitler. Sekembali kami pada tahun2 1977/78/79 Pak Hitler sudah tidak kelihatan lagi sehinggalah masuk dekat 80-an. Kami di sini mendapat khabar pemergian Pak Hitler pada awal dekat 90-an, daripada ramai pelajar2 indonesia yang sedang menuntut di sini, dan juga daripada kawan2 pak hitler sendiri yang masih ada. Dewasa ini bekas murid2 pak hitler telah berusia antara 50-54 tahun, sebahagian besar daripada mereka menjadi pensyarah di universiti2 tempatan dalam fakulti2 sains atau sains-based; terutama sekali ke jabatan atau pusat pengajian sains kimia. Pergilah ke sana dan carikan seorang pensyarah yang berusia sekitar 51-54 tahun, dan sebutlah nama hitler: nescaya matanya terbeliak (bukan kerana takut holocaust). Begitulah besarnya jasa pak hitler kepada kami pada tahun2 70-an itu. Anda tentu tidak tahu sejarah perjuangan anak melayu di malaysia pada tahun 70-an. Pada tahun2 itu ia amat kritikal sekali, kamu perlukan guru yang boleh mengajar sains dalam bahasa melayu. Jika tiada guru sekolah kami akan ditutup, dan kami terpaksa belajar dalam bahasa lain. Pak Hitler mengenali saya secara peribadi kerana pada tahun 1970, saya adalah ketua pelajar di sekolah alam shah. Setiap hari saya bertemu dengan guru2 untuk tugas harian "mentadbir" pelajar. Maklumlah bilangan kira2 800 orang dan kesemuanya tinggal di asrama. Yang mujurnya, mereka ini semua anak2 miskin (seperti saya) yang datang dari kawasan pendalaman yang perlu berhari2 (pada waktu itu) untuk datang ke KL. Jadi mereka tidaklah sebuas dan seganas anak2 bandar, dengan itu tidaklah saya terlalu pening untuk menjaga disiplin sekolah pada masa itu.
Sekian dulu Ms Thelma, kirim salam saya kepada abang anda Ryzca Natasuwarna sekeluarga.
Salam hormat dari saya sekeluarga. More HERE

From: "Chris Vincent" <>
To: <>
Subject: Your Web page and SSSS
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:44:03 +0100
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I enjoyed reading your web page, particularly the 1964 page on SSSS.

I was searching the Web for contacts with teachers that I met in 1964/5 while I was a very young, inexperienced volunteer teacher in Kuala Terrenganu. I actually taught at Tengku Bariah SS, but stayed in the SS compound with other teachers, so got to know quite a number of them - I remember the names of Mr Nava and also CheGu Razali and CheGu Gazali, though I can't remember which is which. I also remember many evenings playing field hockey on the playing fields by the beach - I was never very good (rugby was my sport!) and I was put in goal where I would disrupt play as little as possible.

I made very good friends with an SS maths teacher called Gurusami and I met him again a few years later when he was in the UK training to be a teacher - we subsequently lost contact - one of the reasons for my surfing the web was to see if I could find any information on his whereabouts. There was also a teacher called Mr Denis (?) who collected sea-shells.

I went back to KT in 1993, the year of my 25th wedding aniversary, to show my wife where I lived and worked during that marvelous year in Malaysia - much had changed, of course, the teachers accommodation had mainly been replaced by new student hostels and the playing field seemed smaller and less well-care-for. I visited TBSS - the fabric was the same but the only man who I recognised was the head groundsman - but everyone was very hospitable and it all brought back very fond memories.

I still think Malaysia is a marvelous, beautiful country and its people are so friendly. I try to get back as often as I can but recently that has just been a short visit to KL.
I'd be very pleased to hear any more news of SSSS or TBSS, or if you know how I might be able to re-establish contacts with teachers I knew during this time.

best wishes


Professor Chris Vincent
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ UK
Phone +44 (0) 1603 592 529
Fax +44 (0) 1603 507 719

Thank you Prof Vincent,
It is my pleasure to be able to assist you, as much as I could for I myself am a "foreigner" in Terengganu since I left in 1967 (and subsequently settled in KL). However, traces of my presence are abound in the form of my friends, associates and most preciously, my relatives and origines. Well, going back to 1964, ... I was a mere 13 yrs old timid local boy, and you were a European teacher; obviously we were wading in two different biospheres. The only common denominator was the time and the overlapped location. To begin with, perhaps, CheGu Ghazali may serve as a common starting point. I could not remember much about the morning session teachers, apart from the hostel warden, since I was in the afternoon session. Mr Denis surely does not ring the bell. CheGu Ghazali was the PE teacher, a gymnast, always in the hall in the evening (the hall beside the line of big trees near the entrance). We lined up under the trees before entering the class. That's why I remembered him. I know his whereabout, although I have to make a trip to Terengganu to talk to him. I do not remember Mr Gurusami, but I am sure CheGu Ghazali does. Perhaps you could recall Mr Nagadran, a PE teacher. He taught us PE, and always play cricket in the afternoon in the field along side the boys hostel by the beach.

Incidently, my wife's alma mater is TBSS for her secondary education, but later than your time. She spent six years in TBSS, from Jan 1968 to Dec 1973 (the period I had already firmly stepped my foot in KL). She told me that the HM was Mr Raju for the initial period. She could not tell since when Mr Raju descended from, your time 64/65 or later. She remembered also Ms Patmaja, the English Teacher, throughout her tenure, and Ms Mahani the home science teacher. These two teachers I think could also be located via CheGu Ghazali (via his wife, CheGu Khatijah, --- nicked KT --- who was a TB teacher promoted to a lecturer in Daily Teachers College [DTC] Pasir Panjang, then retired early to do business). My wife also remembered several European teachers, teaching foreign languages, including French, but could not utter any names; surely not you of any of them since you left perhaps in late 1965.

I have overheard once from CheGu Ghazali in 1993 (CheGu Ghazali's youngest daughter was my daughter's College Sister in Tunku Kurshiah College in Seremban, so I visited him once in 1993) that they have "Kirby's Alumni" and "Brinsford's Alumni", the alma mater of most of Malaysian Teachers at that time. Perhaps Mr Gurusami is a member.

That's all I know. I will let you know if anything of interest to you come up. Perhaps next time you stop over in Malaysia, and wish to stroll back to 1964, please let me know; may be we could stroll together.

I am really very pleased to have met you, real or virtual. More here

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I read through yr website and that prompted me to write this e-mail. Actually i am more interested in your fishing trip. If you dont mind, i would like to folllow you fishing in the near future......

Waalaikumussalam Sdr Nasir,
Thank you very much for your interest in my pages. And especially for the sharing of the interest of sea-going. However, the time is rather unfortunate. My boat had its unlucky day since Dec 2000. It sank in the muara sungai Trg, semasa keluar, kerana terkena beting pasir. Everything was alright when it sank. The demage was when towing back to the jetty. The towing rope cut the body into the cabin and partly the hull. It is now laid down in the jetty for repair. And the repair is taking quite some time because it is taking quite some money, estimated at about 20 ribu ringgit. You can see my fateful boat in my home page at the direct link: Terima kasih sekali lagi Sdr Nasir.

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From: "zulfikran" <>
To: <>
Subject: Kenangan lama(1964-1967)
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 20:38:52 +0800
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Terima kasih kerana dapat membaca sejarah Dr. Mat Zakaria yang mana sekarang sedang bertugas di UKM. Sebenarnya memang ramai murid-murid dari Sek. Menengah Padang Midin yang telah berjaya.Saya mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada Dr. Mat yang ingin merapatkan hubungan dengan kawan-kawan lama yg. susah dkenali. Saya sebenarnya bertugas di Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malysia(KUSTEM) sejak tahun 1997-hingga sekarang dlm bidang pentadbiean pendidikan. Sekian, terima kasih dan jika ada-ada perkembangan terbaru silakan e-mailkan saya, iaitu

Salam dari

Prof. Madya Mohd Salleh Lebar
Jabatan Pendidikan, Fakulti Pengurusan dan Ekonomi
Mengabang Telipot, Kuala Terengganu
Tel 09-6683280

Sdr Mohd Salleh,
Pertama saya mengucapkan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kerana melayari webpage saya. Sdr tentu maklum, Sdr Dr Ismail Mohamad (matematik) ada di KUSTEM. Kalau jumpa dia katakan saya kirim salam padanya, dan saya sedang menunggu-nunggu gambarnya di webpage KUSTEM, kerana saya nak petik dan masukkan ke dalam koleksi saya, tentang kawan-kawan lama, sejak 1964 di SS dan seterusnya. Di KUSTEM juga saya ikuti perkembangan Prof Azmi (saya kenalnya di SS 1964, dan di Salford, UK, 1975). Dr Ku Halim (kimia) adalah murid saya di UKM (akhir 70-an), kemudian rakan sejawat sehingga beliau berpindah ke KUSTEM. Adik kandung saya ada di KUSTEM, sekarang sedang menuntut part-time, ijazah sarjana, secara kebetulan di Jabatan sdr (Pendidikan). Namanya Ani Salwiah.
Di Kuala Lumpur ni, "regulars" kita adalah Mohd Embong, Omar Taib, Osman Ali (kebetulan semalam dia datang menziarahi saya), Abdullah Yusof dan isterinya Zaharah Ahmad, Wan Mohamad Wan Musa, Shafie Mohamad. Zawiah Chik pernah berhubung melalui emel, tapi tak pernah bersua semenjak 1970. Abdullah Embong (Dr) (USM, Penang) pernah datang ke KL untuk "mini reunion" bersama-sama keluarga, dan kerap berhubung secara emel. Othman Ngah (Pengarah Pertanian Kelantan), pernah "in touch", tapi cuma setakat itu sahaja. Di UTM saya pernah mendapat khabar ramai kawan-kawan kita di sana, tetapi semasa saya kerap berkunjung dua tiga tahun sudah (urusan akademik), saya mendapat tahu pula ramai yang telah keluar (katanya jadi usahawan)
Terima kasih sekali lagi Sdr Mohd Salleh,.... salam hormat kembali daripada,
Mat Zakaria.

From: "zainuddin"
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:15:30 +0800
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Saya tertarik dengan sejarah dan kejayaan yang di capai oleh Saudara Mat Zakaria. Saya ikuti segala yang di bentangkan di halaman Saudara. Saya turut merasa kenangan semasa di Sekolah Alam Shah. Saya berada di sana dari tahun 1974- 1976 ( Dari tingkatan 4 sehingga ke Matrikulasi UKM ).
Tahniah dan Shabas.
Saudara adalah "extra ordinary "

Zainuddin Wazir

Sdr YBhg Dato' Dr Zainuddin,
Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kpd sdr kerana telah melayari laman saya. Di mana sdr bertugas?
Terima kasih sekali lagi. MORE HERE

From: "Dr M. D. Kadderi"
To: "M.B. Zakaria"
Subject: Re: STPD1113
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 11:16:45 +0800
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Dr Mat
Finally, I managed to send to your correct e-mail address. There is a person by e-mail name salma.E-mails sent to his/her address seems to encouter no problems at all.
While reading your reply, I also took the opportunity to surf your web pages at the url address given in your mail. Your credentials look impressive. The body contents had depth and width that span several decades.


Terima kasih Kaderi,
Prof Baharuddin pernah surf pages saya. Dia tanya, berapa lama masa saya ambil untuk buat pages itu. Saya kata, "judging from the content of the pages, I did it since I was a child."

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:48:55 +0800
From: "ab.hamid bakar"
Subject: Nostalgia SAS
Organization: felda holdings
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Assalamualaikum Dr.
Tahniah pada Dr. kerana web site yang begitu cantik susunannya. Kisah Dr. di SAS mengingatkan saya cerita yang sama kerana saya merupakan pelajar di sana dari tahun 1974 - 1978 ( Pengambilan pertama dari Form 1 ). Dari gambar yang dipamerkan hanya cikgu Tan Pok Chin sahaja sempat mengajar saya subject PE. Dari pengamatan saya Dr. seorang yang amat teliti orangnya kerana dokumen dokumen lama masih tersimpan hingga kini.
Sekian saja dari saya.
Yang Ikhlas
Ab. Hamid Bakar.

Waalaikumussalam, Sdr Ab Hamid, Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Ramai daripada guru SAS pra-70-an "survived" bersama-sama murid mereka ke Universiti tempatan beberapa tahun kemudian sebagai tenaga pengajar. Sehingga tahun 1998 saya masih menemui mereka, dan mereka masih mengenali saya. Itulah pendidikan dahulu. Di UKM ramai, malah ada yang sampai sekarang masih menjadi tenaga pengajar. Ramai di antara mereka telah meninggal dunia. SAS pra-70-an sebenarnya "milestone" yang penting dalam sejarah Malaysia. Kepentingannya cuma dirasai tiga puluh tahun kemudian. Pun begitu, ramai yang melihatnya sebagai "silhouette" sahaja. Saya percaya tak lama lagi SAS akan hilang, katanya nak digantikan dengan SAS baru. Dan seperti biasa SAS baru tak akan sama dengan SAS lama, dari apa segi kalipun. Terima kasih sekali lagi Sdr Ab. Hamid.

From: "najidi"
Subject: Assalamualaikum
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 09:36:36 +0100
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Apa kabar dr,

saya baru je melawat website dr, macam2 perasaan ada... semua bercampur ...
kagum, happy, nostalgia... saya nak sign gesbuk takde, jadi ni saya hantar email..
tahniah pada dr , hidup penuh dengan kejayaan ... stadi , kerjaya , family ,anak2... memang rasa back to the past bila baca kisah2 lama dr :-))
kebetulan saya pun belajar di SMSS KT ( 1990-1992) ... terkenang bila tengok gambar depan boy hostel tu...
parents saya pulak pernah stadi di SM Padang Midin ( lupa dah tahun berapa ) tapi hampir sebaya dengan dr jugak la ... tapi kelas komang2 je...
tahniah sekali lagi , best baca cerita dr .... wassalam.

pelajar telekom m'sia di perancis.
orang ganu

Waalaikumussalam, Terima kasih kerana melawat homepage saya. Siapa nama bapa? Mudah saja nak tahu dia batch mana kalau tahu tahun lahirnya. Kalau dia lahir 51 batch saya. Kalau 50, 49, senior saya. Lebih drp itu, tak berkesempatan dengan saya. Kalau 52, 53, junior saya. Lebih rendah drp itu tak berkebetulan, saya dah pergi ke SAS. Terima kasih sekali lagi.

From: "norhamidah"
Subject: Hi
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:44:36 +0800
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Hi Mat, I find your homepage impressive & unique. It reveals that you are a careful, frank and cheerful person. I would recommend your homepage to my friends & colleagues.

WL Lee

Thank you very much indeed, Note: Actual date recieved: Wed, Feb 28, 2001, ca. 4pm.

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Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 12:39:15 +0800
From: "Prof. Dr. Baharuddin Bin Yatim"
Subject: Penilaian Laman Sesawang

Saudara Mat,
Saya adalah seorang penilai Laman Sawang Akademik. Saya sudah layari sebahagian daripada laman saudara. Saya rasa dalam keadaan sekarang laman saudara tersangan "personal". Yang akademiknya sebahagian kecil sahaja. Jadi saya tak sanggup nak beri penilaian yang saksama ke atas laman saudara itu. Cuma saya boleh cadangkan di sini saudara tukar skema warna muka pertama (dan muka-muka lain juga) dan kurangkan kandungan muka tersebut (font dah jadi sangat kecil untuk bawa semua kandungan). Mungkin baik juga asingkan kandungan "personal" dari yang akademik.
Satu soalan: Berapa lamakah saudara ambil untuk memasukkan semua kandungan itu?

Prof. Dr. Baharudin Bin Yatim
Pusat Pengajian Fizik Gunaan
Fakulti Sains & Teknologi
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi, Selangor

Sdr Prof Baharuddin,
Terima kasih kerana telaha melayari laman web saya. Dan terima kasih dengan komen-komen tersebut. Saya telah ambil tindakan. Bahagian yang saya "syaki" dikatakan terlalu personal telah saya asingkan. Warnanya juga telah saya tukar kepada yang lebih "cool" ((:)). Tulisan kecil? Itu Sdr adjust dalam properties browser sdr supaya dapat baca sekurang-kurangnya 8 pt. Biasanya terdapat dalam "Tool/option/font" atau dalam "view/font" bergantung kepada browser yang sdr guna. Pilih "larger font".
Alang-alang tahu siapa penilai, nilailah webpage saya dengan melihat yang positif (banyak yang positif); tentulah banyak yang negatif. Semoga drp penilaian sdr saya akan mendapat anugerah; "Farewell Favor" katakan.
Sekian. Dr Mat.

From: "Nazia Khan"
To: "myfriends"
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 19:47:16 +0500
Subject: Hey how are u ?????

Hi dear
how are u ? I hope u r fine, long time no see.. any way, I just wanted to tell you about an interesting Pakistani web site, as we are Pakistani and we should promote Pakistan and Pakistani web sites
the web site is its the biggest Pakistani and Urdu web site of the world. It has 15 sections all in Urdu.
So don't wait & visit it now.
Please forward it to all your Pakistani friends all over the world. We should proud of this web site.
Keep intouch and tell me about your comments
Nazia :)

I am not a Pakistani.

Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 00:19:20 -0500
Subject: AWANG SULONG sent you a Yahoo! Greeting
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Sdr Awang Sulong,
Pasti saya ingat Sdr di SAS, semenjak 1967, sewaktu Tg 4. Saya amat ingat kepada sdr, kerana pada waktu itu Sdr sangat kagum dengan result SRP saya dengan 6A (maaf bukan riak, sekadar untuk menjadi nostalgic point) yang pada waktu itu tertinggi di SAS. Seingat saya, Sdr "budak" kecil-kecil, dari Pahang (bersama-sama dengan Hussien Long dari Luit), Tg 4A, pendiam, tetapi pada waktu itu penilaian saya terhadap sdr adalah sdr seorang yang matang dan "conscious". Saya dengan ini mengucapkan balas Selamat Hari Raya kepada Sdr sekeluarga, serta berbanyak-banyak maaf zahir dan batin. Barang kali Sdr mempunyai cukup maklumat tentang saya (mungkin dari internet), dengan demikian selalulah berhubung.

Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 21:39:26 +0800
From: Junaizee
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)
Subject: Fellow SASsian

Assalamualaikum Dr. Mat,
Your homepage really brought back good old memories of SAS. How I wish we could turn back time and slip back into the days of (in my case) 5 Science 1, 1985. Just a small suggestion for your homepage...Maybe you could indicate where your batch mates are at the moment. You seem to have a lot of friends back then in SAS and I just thought it would be interesting to know where there are now. For us, your juniors, it would be good to emulate those seniors that have made it over the years, just like your goodself.

Salam hormat,
SAS 81-85

Waalaikumussalam Sdr Junaizee,
Terima kasih kerana melayari Laman saya. Cadangan sdr saya amat hargai dengan sesungguhnya, dan insyaAllah, perlahan-lahan ia akan terjelma, meskipun kena buat 'unprecedented' research to find many of them.
Terima kasih sekali lagi,