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The calender for the year 2007, the year I retired is similar to that of 1951, the year I was born. Effectively then the day-date are similar. E.g., I was born on Friday, and I retired on Friday too. Jan 1 is on Mon;

W1 S-II 06/07: 2007 Jan 1; 1427 D'Hijjah 11 Mon

New year was Mon, the day one of the week one. It was a 'perfect' start. The very day, we sent off Alya at Sg Tangkas Bus Terminal, the pick-up station, on her way to Batu Jong, Kuala Krai, Kelantan, for her PLKN for ten weeks to Mar 11. She is my first kiddy picked up. Muzani had just missed, for PLKN was imposed for those born beginning 1986. I gave her every encouragement she needed, that she had to take this opportunity to learn to be herself in all circumstances, that one day she would be by herself, unlike her four elders who were all the time 'accompanied' by whoever they needed at any such time. The bus set off at ten, one hour late than scheduled, and she communicated by ca. eight that she arrived at half past seven after a change of bus (broke down) at Karak. Her three younger brothers would learn from her, sooner or later, especially the youngest Asri. More plausible, she would have to deliver it to her younger brothers. She set herself knowing that she is not going to sit any exam of any significant results. That not all the trainees are hostel boarders, some even had left school several years already. In the past, some even had husband, and kids. Some were bread winners of a poor family. Not least were those already off-track, some out of bound. Thus, those who had just sat SPM are very 'vulnerable'.

The media were talking about the road tax reduction which took effect from the first day, which was announced as a new year surprise a few days before Dec ended last year. But deliberately ignored the toll increase which was announced last Nov end that took effect on the same new year. As was the lower fuel market price of which the current pump price was increased when the market price per barrel was ca. usd70. On the very first office door opened, it was showing the 'jihadists' crowding the JPJ office, reclaiming the already paid valid road-tax for this year.

2007 Jan 2; 1427 D'Hijjah 12 Tue

Still a public holiday, to complete the 'hatrick' break - WeekEnd, Eid, NewYear - because the Eid fall on Sun. Malini et al and Rubaini et al returned from the Eid break. The house was full minus just one, Alya.

2007 Jan 3; 1427 D'Hijjah 13 Wed

The actual new year kicked off on Jan 3 Wed when the school and the U began their new post-holiday; the former new session 2007, and the latter Semester II 2006/07. As always, the new 'beginning' was marked with a surge of traffic volume into a mindless Serenggeti. CB, on to his Form three (said to be randomly reshuffled: 2Kreatif to 3Optimis) and needed to be reminded frequently of the PMR in perhaps nine to ten months time. SB, on to his final year SRK, in Yr six; had a transfer (perhaps promotion) from 5Ikhlas to 6Cekal class, as about eight others from his class. His UPSR even nearer, in ca. seven or eight months time. Both were registered in the EduTech, Diamond Complex, for the psychological backup like their elders, except Zidni. Muzani went in for his final semester, the sixth. Zidni extended his leave to warp off the first week.

Asri moved on 'reluctantly' to Year 1 (Budi) SRK Jln 2 BBB, the very same school all his elders were taught to read, write and count, in the evening session, pre-registered (a.k.a. had all the due paid) 2006 Dec 29 Fri. He was of the opinion that he did not need to move as fast along the time and did not feel in any hurry to grow up, thus was the hardest to settle among his seven elders. Like in Jan last year in TASKI, the 'attachment' to his mother would take quite a while to break.

The final Semester: Sem II, Session 2006/07. Exactly 109 days to go in this year 2007; by then: Five final sem students have to have their theses done with an option for the viva; plus one belated. One Master thesis to get read and examined. One master thesis, more than half would be undone. One co-project would be barely touched. First third of STKK1113 lecture up to the final exam. Second half of STKK2922 up to the final exam. First half of STKK6122 up to mid-sem exam. At least one ICT CM meeting to be chaired, nonetheless with none of the minutes have the chance to be carried out. The 'ghosts' of "/kimia/", "/cat_ukm/", and "/mjas/" would be unleashed unfed unattended for sometimes - after being unable to 'culture' the new masters. The fate of "/mbz/" would either be in a frozen state to the end of its support technology or sublimed irreversibly into a bivariant phase. Forty four days of leave would be "on"-ed.

While still on variants, the "F + P = C + 2" is invoked. For instance where C = 3 and P = 2, then F = 3. One enjoys three independent variants clearly defined in order for the phases to be maintained in equilibrium (in peace). The variants are normally the common parameters that characterise the components. It is not possible at all for three components to exist in peace in two phases with only one variant, not even two. It has to be three. There are cases where there is no variant, i.e. F = 0. Life in zero F is very tight indeed; no value can ever change at all. Under these tight condition, one C has to exist in three P's. If there are two C's, then there should be four P's. Thus, the more C there are, the more P are needed. The case F = 2 is interesting; the number of C should equal to the number of P. This kind of equilibrium is well suited to apply in the daily life.

2007 Jan 4; 1427 D'Hijjah 14 Thu

Supposedly to begin STKK6122, a Master degree course, but the students were not ready yet, still in the hangover of yesterday registration. The coordinator suggested that the back-up follows the lecture. I contended her, unless he register for the course, or become my official assistance. To mid Feb mid-sem break, the engagement days were Mon, Tue and Thu. One annual eating gathering of PPSKTM: that of the Eid Qurban "surplus" from the day before yesterday. Cooked by the LA's; consumed in the afternoon.

The first 'shipment' to go home, Jan 5 Fri. Collection of working papers, drafts and manuscripts as old as since 1970's, the books of which had been published;

2007 Jan 5; 1427 D'Hijjah 15 Fri

The re-emmigration procedures began from the office back home. Bit by bit, bigger bit obviously. A surprise 'reunion' with a tool in my undergraduate, the slide rule, the "stetoscope" of engineers and scientists in 1970's.

I noticed that the primary partition in the 40GB slave disk of PCP4 was ditching. The partition simply vanished and appeared like an unformated disk. Unsure of the nature of the data, apart from the booting sets, it was reformated, but failed.

2007 Jan 6; 1427 D'Hijjah 16 Sat

Feeling unsafe for the data in the other two partitions on the slave, a new disk was acquired (from Low Yat by Zidni). In addition, with one partition malfunction, the exploring speed was greatly reduced. It took a while to figure out how to get it equally partitioned and get the data migrated. The size was doubled - a 80GB (contemporarily the "smallest"), and it would be a stress to get the obsolete Win2k to partition and to format in excess of 40GB. Had to have a longer time to deal with it.

2007 Jan 7; 1427 D'Hijjah 17 Sun

Early in the morning, an alert on the private h/p while I was in the office just starting to prepare GB80 to migrate the data. It was a sorrow. My elder brother, 59, had just passed away in Kuantan, ca. 8.30 in the very morning (either while I was having my breakfast with Zizah, Zidni, and Malini), or while I was in the car on my way to the office). Wasted no time, mounted a mission travel to Kuantan; in three cars carrying all in the family minus Alya. Set out at 1050, arrived, ca. 1445. My other two younger brothers, Num and Jo, arrived ca. 30 minutes later. Burial procedure began at 1545. All my three sisters from Trg, Mek, Hah and Ani, arrived on the seconds of 1815 (deliberately delayed), the time to move to the final restyard, a few kilometers away, in a TUDM carrier. All were settled at ca. 1900 - sun set. In the mean time, two more groups from Trg - that of PakLLeran et al, and MelahPakLong et al - arrived. It was drizzling throughout the day, sometimes rather wet; but paused when the sun set. A tahlil was arranged at 2000, among very close relatives, with Awang MakNgah who was with us, led; before everyone left by 2230; arrived back home by 0115 after the m/night in Temerloh - refueling.

Pak Mahmud, or just "Pok" to the younger relatives, is a distant relative, managed it A-Z. He arrived from Chukai, Kemaman, within three hours of the news - the first to arrive. It is his profession in Chukai Health Clinic. Like ourselves, Mahmud originated from the Batu 6 peripheries. He is the son of PakDa Banggol, brothers of PakTehMat, the husband of MakTehPah, my father's sister. Mahmud's father was also a brother of my brother's wife. He is thirteen months younger than me. When we were boys, MakTeh's surau was the rendezvous point. His parents knew us very well. His home in Banggol Tok Jiring was not so much of my playground, but when I was around his home, I was always with some elders. It was our parents closeness that bonded us closer today even from a distance.

I felt the loss of my brother like I lost half of myself; only less than the feeling of the loss when my father passed away in 1972, and my mother in 1989. I last saw him 2005 Nov 7 Mon ca. 2 pm, on our way back to KL from the Eid 1426 break in Trg; but my kiddos only recently, 2006 Dec 25 Mon ca 4 pm, similarly on their way back to KL from a break in Trg before the Eid Hajj 1427. My brother and I grew up together like we were twin when we were the little boys of my mother and my father. Two of us knew many things about the family's evolution that the younger brothers and sisters did not know and perhaps do not need to be known. Two of us were bearing our parents to my mother's and my father's relatives during their young days. We tried very hard together to shoulder the gravity of our parents when we were in the deepest misery in the 1960's through to 1970's, to the maximum of our unyielding ability - sometimes doing what the adults did. But my brother hold it bigger since he was older (three years) than me, and thus "graduated" earlier from the school. When I began my hostel boarding in secondary school in 1964, the gravity was left entirely on his shoulder - at the age of 16; destined not getting heavier as I was rather independent (from the FMS). He understood very well the meaning I was being away for the future, leaving the whole solidly condensed misery to himself. He gave all the encouragements because he knew what to come later. He never stopped it even when I was in a doctorate leave in early 1980 with my own family and he with his own family. He never felt regretted for not having the opportunity to go to the distance school like I had. Perhaps he reckoned that his opportunity would come during his children's time. When he was about twenty, he himself went to venture into the outside peripheries - looking for something to step on, the time I have not yet graduated. And he took with him our younger sisters and brother to stay with him. During this time, 1972, my mother was only with the youngest sister at home - my father passed away, technically in the absence of all his sons.

My brother inherited much of my father's skills even though my father never took him to work with. My brother sort of learned from my father from a distance. He tried many lives and resided in many places. When he began it soon after the schooling, he became a market member 'trading' local fruits. Then he became a fish monger. When he went to as far as Jengka, Pahang, he worked in Oil Palm nursery. After he started a family life, he ventured into carpentering (like my father), then extended into furniture producer. When he could not compete with the modern furnituring, he turned to grocering. When the supermarkets mass-killed the small groceries, he grew vegetables. By then he had aged up close to fifties and decided to settled in where he had his last day. Like our mother and father, he felt the imploding pressure of bringing up the children, and in modern time too. At that age of high vulnerability, while being subjected to the natural great cycle of life, he started to get unwell, nearly ten years ago, to his last day today. His children would furnish what were his, like we were to our mother and father.

W2 S-II 06/07: 2007 Jan 8; 1427 D'Hijjah 18 Mon

The first lecture for this semester, the first third of STKK1113, 130B. The second third would be by Dr Ishak Ahmad, and the final third would be by Dr Harun Hamzah: 182 students, including 74 from Faculty of Education - the future teachers, to whom I reminded to remind themselves always about the significance of their profession. Missing the meeting with the tutors in the afternoon, knowing that the result would be the same like that of the previous semesters: set the Q and prepare the answer; seeing instead Dr Izham of Education, a fellow CM - Medan Selera of the Lecture Theatre Complex, to pass the buck of SESERI PIBG Bul 2 to be continued because my table in the office was in a very irreversible mass.

2007 Jan 9; 1427 D'Hijjah 19 Tue

Massing all the space trying to taxonomise the papers for easy access later if necessary. One hr engagement, 11-12. Data migration successful from GB40 to GB80, but a flesh of bad sectors was seen when recovered from a sector blackout on Level 2 Chemistry West after an overnight migration yesterday.

Met an LPU member in the late evening at Pasar Malam Jln 6, saying that the meeting in Dec approved all the applications - said to be very many of them, very thick paper works; implicitly thus subjected to the faculty (read: Dean) prerogation.

2007 Jan 10; 1427 D'Hijjah 20 Wed

Resuscitation day of the week - timetabled throughout this semester. In full alertness for the STKK6122 tomorrow. Gathering the Q for tutors to deliver in the first year paper, beginning next week from Jan 15 Mon. The taxonomisation in the office appeared to result in greater entropy, naturally. The restoration workers were very annoying; messing the tools and materials everywhere, parking their vehicle disrespectfully on the alloted boxes, tapping the power as they wish that in some cases trigering sectorial blackout, and totally ignoring the safety aspects of the laboratories.

2007 Jan 11; 1427 D'Hijjah 21 Thu

STKK6122, in 2125K 'show' began, 9-11. 25 in number. Like in the past three sessions, all were very eagre to acquire. This is the fun part of being with the post-graduate. News about the 2007 retirees began to trickle with that of Prof Pauzi to go on from this Feb. Taxonomisation was paused because additional shelf-rack was needed at home and accomodable; its frame was made to progress.

2007 Jan 12; 1427 D'Hijjah 22 Fri

Another resuscitation day of the week. On-line leave record was not yet updated in the e-warga, rendering a hitch to schedule the unfinished leave before it get self-annihilated; been following it several times a day since the new year. After Jum, attended the faculty web meeting, chaired by the deputy dean (R&I); also attended was the chief admin - the first time such a meeting was attended by such "high officers". Not sure what had bothered her so much that made her so ferrocious and furious and apathetic and so unlettered and so obsessive with "speak infront of a piece of mirror, not through a pair of spectacles". The web had been a subject of uninterest since its birth in late 1980 - at the time nobody care whether there is or there isn't a web for the faculty. It was always something invariantly PTH to the sitting dean in a way or the opposite. The matter, in the past, was invoked only when a ripple arrived from the Level-6. The webber is a VC appointed post with an allowance, but no tools or skills were provided. In the PP-level, it was purely a voluntary job to those who has the self-fun with no academic reward what so ever. When solvos were targeting, the ict-illiterate deanery became epileptically mad. Apparently, recently, it has been anchored under R&I Deputy. This is in fact a confirmative manifestation of its unimportance; it's counter-analogy to U level which is anchored directly under VC, not a Dep VC, and run by the well-trained fully paid staff with a badget to furnish the gears and tools. But not in this faculty. Only recently, at my tenure end as ICT coordinator, that webmaster and ICT coordinater were members of faculty managers. In the PP level, webmaster and chairman of ICT CM are not yet in managers team. When an activity was planned, webmaster is not yet a norm a member of the committee, and yet a prompt update is expected.

2007 Jan 13; 1427 D'Hijjah 23 Sat

Completed the preparation of the "final destination" of the mass-emigration matters from the office. Some obviously will join the group already settled in the "condo" on the stairs flight.

2007 Jan 14; 1427 D'Hijjah 24 Sun

A practical advice was contended and taken up. A grandaughter of an elder cousin, now residing in Bentong, Pahang, since five years ago, from a Jengka Palm Oil Plantation, "next-door" to her father's parents' home Kuala Sentul, Maran, where I had an anecdote in early 1969. Her mother originated right next-door in PA. Graduated from KUSTEM last year in Mathematics (with a project under my school days class-mate, Prof Ismail Mohd). Unsure about what was waiting for her after the graduation, she registered for a coursework Sarjana Sains in UKM ten days ago. But a surprise arrived at her home a few days ago: a Dip Ed offer in MU. She was tempted. So did her parents. I confirmed, and provided instantly all the necessary signature she needed to affect the acceptance. "In return", they turned up with a full big bowl of Sebarau gulai kuning, he said he netted from the river next to where they live. It was a second feast after the Kenyir Expedition in 2006 May.

W3 S-II 06/07: 2007 Jan 15; 1427 D'Hijjah 25 Mon

Met Dr Kadderi on the way home after logout. He had just finished his lecture. As always the subject of ICT and STPD amused us. We had a lot in common along the line - common interest. Initially it was for self satisfaction and a kind of self-update, supposedly to be one step ahead of others. After others getting impressed, things got 'proliferous' into the mainstream, unfortunately bare-footed. Without tools and gears, the wading was so imperfect. It became a load no one would want to bear. It wasn't rewarding too. The entanglement was so crystallised. And with a bit of 'luck', twelve months ago, wiggled us out. Dr Kadderi and I had since 'recuperated', and breathed the atmospheric air again.

2007 Jan 16; 1427 D'Hijjah 26 Tue

One surprise sectorial blackout Chemistry Level-2 West while I was composing to post for input to update the info in the PP web, just before the 11-12 STKK1113 129B. On the return of the power, the response was supportive; thus slaved the time to the end of the day, and many more days to come. Not many however, had 'tools' and 'skills' to comprehend that it would take time, and a lot of it, to render into a browser-readable formats; codes to add, sometimes before and after every words. And manage all the file into a later-traceable folder networks. But I like to do it.

Jalan Klang Lama towards KL city centre, modernised, and merging Jalan Syed Putra. Klang River, and NPE highway at the north-west of the picture.

2007 Jan 17; 1427 D'Hijjah 27 Wed

Half day in the office. Other half, and two days that followed, was on loan to MatriQ; but not far, in Pearl, of Jln Klang Lama. It wasn't very much of a memory lane the Jln Klang Lama. Perhaps one was 1974 Sep 21 Sat late afternoon. I took my mother's "entourage" from Terengganu at Tabung Haji, Jln Ipoh. My mother, AbgWi, AbgMat and the driver Ibrahim, my sisters, Mek, Hah and Ani, and my youngest brother Jo, nine pieces all together were in one two-door yellow Ford Escort. They were coming here to send me off to England the next day at Subang airport. Unfortunately on that particular weekend, the Bangsar, Jln Pantai Baru, and Federal Highway at that particular part were cordoned by the security because students were demonstrating. We were going to Sg Way Police Station (a constable distant relative), the place where my mother et al will stay for two nights before returning to Terengganu. To avoid getting into the 'hot-spot', I lead the car to Jln Loke Yew, then Jln Lapangan Terbang, then the Federal Highway, then detoured to Jln Klang Lama, to Old PJ, further up to Sg Way, the long way perhaps three times longer. And it was traffic congestion all along - single lane two ways road.

Jalan Klang Lama has no tag, unlike Petaling Street, Jalan Chow Kit, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, etc. It was the first main road in Klang Valey, connecting Kuala Lumpur, (old) Petaling Jaya, (the later) Shah Alam, and finally Klang Port. It was heavily loaded in late 1960's, that by 1970's a new trans-road was built: the Federal Highway, the first highway in this country (but still not right-turn-free). On both sides of Jalan Klang Lama there were no other marks than the usual KL main roads.

Quite recently, a new highway was built. The NPE, which runs parallel between Jln Klang Lama and Federal Highway. NPE extended Jln Bangsar into PJ, more or less fused with other highways at about Kelana Jaya. In the 1970's Jln Bangsar bended into Jln Pantai Bharu and 'died' in the campuses of UM and UKM/LI, not even an access to the Federal Highway; otherwise it extended to Angkasapuri, then on dissipating roads into Pantai Dalam, one of the homes of KL malays. Many students of MU and UKM, especially super-students with families, stayed in Pantai Dalam. That Pantai Dalam "homes" now does not exist anymore.

2007 Jan 18; 1427 D'Hijjah 28 Thu

Stumbled on two persons, apparently consuming from the same Kementerian pay cheque to the hotel, but obviously on different cause. One an SSAS teacher, many had many "affairs" with; like I stumbled up with his colleague in Grand Blue Wave, Shah Alam last year 2006 April. The other, from the Kementerian who I have met twice in SESERI and once had a long close chat across the lunch table about the SBP performance.

2007 Jan 19; 1427 D'Hijjah 29 Fri

Managed to get back to the office after Jum. The purpose was to get SB's school forms and documents completed with the usual "certified true copy" things before the day end so that to do away with the weekend. One hundred meters to reach, the road was dead closed at the KUO junction, apparently being resurfaced. U-turned to detour via Admin. On arrival, the office key was left in the back-pack, deliberately isolated from the pocket during the MatriQ, unable to get the original document. The general office was locked and staff-less because every one was in the Faculty Assembly (the first for the new dean and new year 2007 - my absence was on the MatriQ ticket, hopefully), so the backup key could not be accessed. Rushed home for the key. The rain fall, heavily, flooding below the PLUS bridge. Waded through, managed to re-arrive half an hour before the day end. But the photocopying machine in the general office broke down. So did the sophisticated all-in-one in the faculty operation room. The private photocopy stall on the Level-L saved it, fifteen minutes before the day end, with every one then back in, they were done. But had to rush out of the campus before five, before the traffic begin to constipate at the exit gate. Mission accomplished.

Once an amoral kind, always that kind. That's their gut and belly. Other kind have the manner mind that simply would not do this disgusted kind of thing.

2007 Jan 20; 1428 Muharram 1 Sat

Hijrah New Year 1428H, Muharram 01. Those days, when Sat was half day, if a public holiday fall on Sat (or Sun), the weekend would be replenished on Mon. These days, no. Only if the public holiday fall on Sun, then the weekend will be replenished on Mon. Multinational com, like Shell and Exxon, make up their employees weekend on Fri before the Sat pub holiday. Reportedly, Asri began to pull himself together into one piece, especially in LEPAI's SRA - 3-days week, 2-hrs a day, morning session. Needed more times in the SRK - afternoon session.

That digger in front of the house, left the premise; at least no more f**king nuisance 4wd parking and mannerless road demage. But surely the back-hoe will return.

2007 Jan 21; 1428 Muharram 2 Sun

Being taken by the kiddos for a fresh air. It was a one-eighty degree change of venue from the original planned in the woods by the river of Sg Chongkok; contempleting that the heavy rain yesterday evening through to the night would make the place wet, muddy, and splashy. Going to do not a thing on the beach is not the same as going to the sea, especially on the life-less beach like in Bagan Lalang, a beach on the Melaka Strait, off Sepang. Waveless, shell-less, and life-less of the visitors too, very strange indeed. Could it be that this place is not interesting any more, or that they are so effluent that they rather have the fresh air in the shopping malls in the city. The weather was just fine, cool and breezy in the late morning. The sun had not fully awake. We left in the late afternoon when the bare beach started to get baked.

W4 S-II 06/07: 2007 Jan 22; 1428 Muharram 3 Mon

Monday morning blues haunted in the early morning; the WFV, hopefully from the Sat evening wet strolling. Otherwise it would be another 'gravity'. The info gathered were fully coded and uploaded for those who responded, as they did it massively. Some students turned up for the out-of-stock copies of "Prinsip Kimia Polimer" - for STKK2922 the baton of which would be passed on to me after the mid-sem break late Feb; could not replenish without Amran (who is now at the end of his Doctorate in the UK) in DBP although I knew that there are a plenty of them still there. Furnished the STKK1113 course file which I had prepared but slipped off its delivery right after the exam in last Nov; masked by the MatriQ. Massive late afternoon torrential rain scattered the routine like that of a flock of chicks getting a flash of an eagle's wing shadow.

2007 Jan 23; 1428 Muharram 4 Tue

It had been three consecutive Tues, the pre-hr user of the 129B encroached into my hr, as much as to 1110. As has been in the last session. I do not want to find out who is he/she for if he/she is the same person, then I knew him, a kind that would not admit in any way in a confrontation. And again, today.

2007 Jan 24; 1428 Muharram 5 Wed

Another meeting about that innocent web. This time more of friendly and concerted effort. It was almost decided to "co-re-write", when I contended that, since the "high office" was so obssessed with the "numero uno" things in the last Fri meeting, then sourcing out was the only option, for at the end of the day, they asked us where are the papers, not the pages. No matter how many items, its beauty, its sophistication, its today-state-of-the-arts, etc, etc., it will fill only one remote slot intensively like a CM; unlike the former which will roll out in numbers extensively like a tree.

2007 Jan 25; 1428 Muharram 6 Thu

Looked deeply into the PP Pages that needed to be changed or updated, admittedly many of them, after the 9-11 6122 2125K - for all the balance of the hours. Took out WCG for the day, and surprisingly had all the conforts preserved by the old German Lady, especially the pickup and a/c.

UKM new look for 2007 onwards (bottom), cf. the old look (top);

2007 Jan 26; 1428 Muharram 7 Fri

Kind of getting spelled by the old english feeling. That friday means time of getting out of stress. And thus relaxing by hitting the key board on the PP pages. It was good to see that at least it appeared changed at the end of it.

2007 Jan 27; 1428 Muharram 8 Sat

Physically unstressed by excusing on the pre-retirement course for a leave from SESERI PIBG CM meeting this afternoon, but while unstressing, a train of "true strange" things paraded. The "school blues" on both the kiddos and the parents. I mean the textbook things. Since the commencement of the great "A-Race", textbooks are the most useless things for the pupils and for the teachers. The CDC designed the textbooks to educate, the exam syndicate set to sift the pupils apptitude, but the next intakers fitted the mesh number. The resultant product is the great "A-Race". Pupils/parents team could win the race easily without the textbooks. Via tuitions and the so-called "revision books". Practically the textbooks are obsolete gears in the race. The "revision" book publishers are equally with the pupil/parent team. But the textbooks publishers needed their books get sold, openly in the bookshops or via the SPBT. The short tunnel is through the latter. Ideally all pupil should get SPBT, because that means hundred of thousands. May be millions. So forms are filled with legal infos, and legally certified, the same formed copied year in and year out, untill it's no longer readable, every year by the same pupil, the same info untill the pupil left the school. The school never bothered to archive the info because doing that does not bring the benefit directly to the school. In practice the books were distributed not necessarily based on the info because if the guidelines were superimposed on the info, no one qualify and the textbooks would not be sold. They are not systematically used in the class anyway. And pupils are 'forced' to fill in the form even though their parents decided to get them for themselves in the shops; never know the rationale behind the move. Not filling the form was made to bother the pupils so much that they keep on pushing their parents, oxy-moronically with the known end that they do not want to borrow the books. Very strange. Wonder where the buck actually stops.

In the media (I believed stereoscopically elaborated), the national PMR 2006 valedictorian failed to secure a place in the SBP. Like that of Amalinomenon of SPM 2004, I called this oxy-moronic phenomenon as FathinNabilomenon. Both the "racer" and the "track" were moronic. Note the common denominator in both cases. The valedictorian was soaked with the 'success' that she was spelled by the numero uno in his stereoscopic marathon. The rest of the elements of the numero uno, SBP is one of them, practically unaffected, so they simply went on with their daily chorus. Valedictorian in PMR actually numbered in tens of thousands. To them 'the' valedictorian was not any difference and thus not of so much bother. At least not as much as the rainbow the colour of which bothered so much in the selection, to take effect this Jan 31. And perhaps to which part of the SBP. And especially if 'the' valedictorian had forgotten to fill in the SBP form. Ironically, it did not come to her comprehension that she had emerged a national valedictorian out of a non-SBP which contemporarily known to produce no valedictorians which in the final analysis she is going to get 'regressed' rather than 'progressed'. Very strange. That is valedictorianship in today's context.

2007 Jan 28; 1428 Muharram 9 Sun

Into the city, joining the 'crowd' in what were supposedly completed during the long school break before the year 2006 ended. It was in Gombak, the original Kuala Lumpur's Taman Kamariah. The road that used to lead us out of Kuala Lumpur to the east coast. It was not so much a surprise to see the kind of changes that were taking place. The usual road widening to accomodate the massive volume of private vehicles in the absence of a public transport system; unlike the scene in those years where public bus in KL were visible everywhere; and many of them. Sri Jaya, Leng Seng, Foh Hup, Thong Fong buses were ubiquitous. Kuala Lumpur now a city growing bigger and bigger at an exponential rate, without a parallel public transport will suffocate itself in a very short time. Things not done in the the developed cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, etc. Things done in developing cities, like Bangkok, Medan and Taipei.

W5 S-II 06/07: 2007 Jan 29; 1428 Muharram 10 Mon

The Asyura Day. The day that should be observed by all Samawi Religions.

When I was a small boy in my homeplace, the rememberance of the day was ended with the cooperative cooking of "bubur sura". The recipe (with the ingredients pooled from anybody who was willing) basically is a mixture of everything one take everyday: the rice, all kinds of tuber, condiments, whatever meat, chicken, egg, coconuts milk, coconut sugar, onion, corn, nuts, dried-type vegetables such as mushroom, salt, anything at all edible. Mixed together one after another in a big 'kawah' of heated water and continuously stirred while boiling into a thick porridge, brown in color, solidify on cooling. Every body get a portion. The most delicious was when cooled in a coconut shell.

This evening, we were 'blessed' with a full bowl of it by the neighbour Datin. But not of the recipe that I used to when I was a small boy.

Ashura is a day of great historical significance. On this day: Allah accepted the repentance of Prophet Adam after his exile from Paradise; Allah saved Prophet Nuh and his companions in the ark; Allah extinguished the fire in which Prophet Ibrahim was thrown by Nimrod; And Allah spoke directly to Prophet Musa and gave him the Commandments. On this same 10th of Muharram, Prophet Ayyub was restored to health (from leprosy); Prophet Yusuf was reunited with his father Prophet Ya’qub; Prophet Yunus was taken out from the belly of the fish; and the sea was divided as the nation of israel was delivered from captivity and Pharoah’s army was destroyed. ‘Ashura is also the day when Prophet Dawud was forgiven; the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman was restored; Prophet Isa was raised to Jannah and Sayyidina al-Husayn (the Prophet Muhammad's, grandson) achieved the honor of Martyrdom. Worship Allah as much as you can on ‘Ashura. Whoever fasts on this day is like one who fasts all his life. Whoever clothes a naked person Allah will release him from a painful punishment. He who visits a sick person, Allah will grant him a reward that will not be decreased. Whoever places his hand on an orphan’s head, or feeds a hungry person or gives water to a thirsty man, Allah will feed him a feast from Paradise and will quench his thirst with Salsabil. And whoever takes a Ghusl on this day will enjoy excellent health and freedom from sickness and indolence. Whoever provides generously for his family on this day, Allah will be generous to him throughout this year. And whoever applies Kuhl to his eyes will never suffer from eye-sore again, inSha’Allah al-Aziz.

Distilled from: http://www.sunnah.org/ibadaat/fasting/ashura.htm

It appeared that the Shii celebrate the day in mass; the Sunni do not, perhaps because they thought that by doing so they follow the Shii rather than observing the history of Prophets.

2007 Jan 30; 1428 Muharram 11 Tue

Logon-logoff-free for three days today, tomorrow, and Fri, plus one already across the board (Thaipusam) by consuming the remaining leave. Works still needed the presence in the office. It thus only mean a return of the old days lecturerisme, i.e. before that logon-logoff machine became a live 'monster'. More to be done nextweek.

Slowed down to the "left lane" because the examination monsoon was trumpeting. First by filling the on-line info on how each of the paper is to be examined. Then squeezing for the dew drops of Qs; ironically would preceeded with the final, then only followed by the mid. Clearly some quarters had successfully been confused between the quality of documentation and the quality of the documents, as did between the high technology and heavy industries. Hatching in the PP was the voice that several LA have already been made to be assured that they would not return when they leave. No one was willing to stand by or off to know where did the 'voice' come from. I had contended many times that here is a Serengeti. There are many ecologies aboding the same pasture carrying out their own biospherical activities. And obviously some times pastural superimposition occurs which necessitate the operation of the first law of nature. Coupled with the rapid acceleration of resource variants, some of the creatures could not complete their minimum cycle, whereas others could, in fact several.

My installment of STKK1113, the first third, was ended today; visibly the class deswelled significantly. Noticeably, some students took for granted that the lessons were of that they had learned before. In the past they misled themselves. Dr Ishak would carry the baton through the second third from Feb 5 Mon, then pass it on to Dr Harun to the 'finish line'.

2007 Jan 31; 1428 Muharram 12 Wed

Today is the official dateline. Done. Alas, in the past, due to the number was large, it was dragged to as far as late Feb. This inevitably, in my case become useless, because by the end of the line, it would be all over for any effect to become a matter. Nevertheless, for a peace exit, it should be in one piece. Note that, the mechanism which otherwise meant to help, imbibes the superiors to gather the expedient. The same 'penilai' like last year, so I did not 'contemplate to solicit for a different. The 'penilai pertama', I had noted before. The 'penilai kedua' is may batch-bate since 1967 in the same school, then in the same course in the same university, and similarly enrolled in the same department. The different began from the post-graduate training. And he similarly 'expires' this year, luckily three months later than me.

Deliberately unabled to attend the F4 Welcoming ceremony in SESERI, similar to the one last year 2006 Feb 8 Wed in which I attended with the YDP Nor Adnan Zainal. On the second thought, I felt I missed SESERI the way I missed my own alma mater, SAS (in Cheras, NOT in Putrajaya); and considering that Wed is the resuscitation day followed by Thu off, perhaps I should not deliberated. The SESERI teachers are still wonderful charming teachers to be with.

Count Down 2007: -2-00, Feb

2007 Feb 1; 1428 Muharram 13 Thu

Thaipusan day off in Selangor (and Johor, N.Sembilan, Perak and Penang), incidently coincide with Federal Territory celebration day off. For the first time since the creation of Federal Territory, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur were reunited in their Thaipusan holiday (February 1, 1974 for Kuala Lumpur, while Labuan, Sabah, in 1984; Putrajaya, February 1, 2001). Before 1974 Feb when KL was in Selangor, the Thaipusan enjoyed the empty day off of KL, thus they had Batu Caves for themselves. When KL became an independent territory, the Thaipusan's day off is converted to Feb 1 FT celebration day off. Since then Thaipusan shared Batu Caves with the city dwellers as well as the city earners. It was always a massive traffic congestion and swelling year after year, especially when Thaipusan became a tourist attraction. Today, thirty three years apart, Thaipusan re-acquired its unshared Batu Cave. But for this year only because hindu calender is lunar based.

Presario 1700T was sent for resuscitation, if it still has any susceptibility. Recently it get fatigued to fast; the cooling unable to reduce the heat, and it get auto-shut down triggered to prevent suffering the heat-demaged.

2007 Feb 2; 1428 Muharram 14 Fri

It was reported since last month that a new species has evolved in the UKM universe; ca. thirty-seven years since 1970 May 18, during which meiotic cells with p = 0.05 were around from the biosoup. A sample was spotted in PUSANIKA. The biological morphology of the species appeared to be the kind that multiply very fast by sporing, and contagious too, especially in the UKM conducive environment currently with p close to 0.5.

This could also meant the 'natural' emergence of saurus-isation of UKM, to pave the way for a different forms to wade through the eth-mos.

I used to cling to PUSANIKA a couple of periods during the RU 'crisis' a few years back. It was the experience that I do not disagree with the 'evolution'. But, being a student-centred place, PUSANIKA had undergone so many 'floods', each time with a change that welcome a new change in the next 'flood'. Currently no student activities are viable in the place, academic, or social, and became pushed very far from residential colleges, very difficult to approach. It is very interesting to know how were the mechanics that brought about the changes. Many contended that it was the invariants. No, I said it was the decency, the honesty, and the respect. This place is to do with the same people for a period at a time. This place is not a highway R&R. Period.

2007 Feb 3; 1428 Muharram 15 Sat

The road to the 'non-pengurus' lots to the Chemistry was blocked because there was some student-RTM-recording activities. Reached the office by illigally reversing the route, to find that the net was down. WFV that had it non-a/c-ed again after a week resuscitated two weeks ago failed the attempt to get the mechanic reexamine the leakage that appeared at other places because he was not around. The feeder pipe (to our meter) that broke at the neighbour's doorstep was fixed after more than a week flooding our driveway. Presario 1700T was returned, but that "over-heating" unendurance persisted. It served, but at its own pleasure mood. Asri found it amusing, amid recovery from his fever; and SB too. For the first time, as the night crawled further, we were left with only the last three.

2007 Feb 4; 1428 Muharram 16 Sun

Went to Shah Alam (MBSA Banquet Hall) for walimah of an aquaintance, that of my #3son's friend. CB accompanied to fill the blank. But on the way home, detoured to Sg Way to Sect 14 PJ, then Sect 16 and 17, where once upon a time the place I studied chemistry and had student fun in 1971-1974; then the place I had the first taste of working life. Now the place is the Matriculation Centre of the Malaysia International Islamic University.

The main street of Sg Way New Village, the extension of Jalan SS 1/1 Kg Tunku, P.J., is completely new, with new rows of shops, perhaps with new owners. The renovated Police Station, where I stayed in the quarter with MM 27117 family for about a year in 1971 (and Zuber, Hamzah, and Fadil); and the cinema which did not attract me at all during those year.

A 'remarkable' addition: the standing-tall "Banggunan Dato Seri Lim Bok Seng" with a Chinese National Type School in it, next to the Police Station. Lim Bok Seng was a general contractor in 1971. The MM 27117 introduced me to him in 1972, and I tutored his siblings, a night a week. A form 4 son, a standard 6 daughter, a standard 4 son, and a daughter-clerk Lim Moi Soon who I taught reading the malay newspaper, so that she could grab the tender adverts in the paper. I kept the 'job' even after I moved to stay in the Second College UKM, Sect 16, in Nov 25 1972. I stopped in 1973 Mar, because of transport problem. That was thirty five years ago. I believed at least quite recently he is or was a near-billionaire.

Then moved on to Sect 16, the former Chem Dept UKM cum Faculty of Islamic Study. Currently the Matriculation Centre of the Malaysia International Islamic University. The place had changed. It change completely, almost, from a distant, beyond recognition. Every square inch is filled with concrete structures.

Faculty of Islamic Studies, Chemistry Dept 1973. Currently, the Matriculation Centre of the Malaysia International Islamic University.

The "ring" road in the college that we used to stroll at night to unstress after a couple of hours reading at the foyer, almost all year in 1973. The empty playing field was lined along the road by 'ru' trees and dimly lighted by the street lamps. The trees are perhaps original; and "the tree" is probably still there. Now the bank is leveled with high rise buildings that filled the field. Practically there is no blank space. Including along the road leading to the Dewan Al Malik Faisal. There were however spots of originality, one has to poke in to notice; those oroginal permanent building of the Kolej Islam Malaya, built before 1970's. All the UKM's temporary wooden structures built in post-1970's were replaced.

The 'detour' was actually to foreplay another "mission": To meet my 1965 SMKPM teacher who stayed in Jalan SS 1/21 Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya. CheGu Hussein Hj Ahmad. A one piece person since I last saw him in 1970 Jun 13, and a teacher the way back in 1965 SMK Padang Midin, the warden of the hostel where I stayed for two years. A remarkable person. At 64 plus he is at UM's Institute of Principleship Studies.

W6 S-II 06/07: 2007 Feb 5; 1428 Muharram 17 Mon

With the baton of STKK1113 now is passed on, three days more, Mon to Wed were on-ed. But as always that is just another 'paid' logoff-free days; could have WFV get its a/c treated, may be partially.

Attended the PPSKTM Meeting of 1/2007 (practically a briefing), reading the Minutes of 6/2006 which was held 2006 Nov 29. No new agenda discussed, as has always been for many years. Ninety nine point nine percent of the words utttered were that of the chairman. My last year attendance was 2/6, May and Sep. I did not remember how many of the -4/6 were "dengan kenyataan". Attended were mostly the "cadets", the future UKM (new!) Chemistry. The next meeting would be in late Mar or early Apr; meaning this is the second last.

Today's packing items for the home emmigration contained "Among My Souvenirs". The very first collection since it came to my feeling that, without an archive, everything would become a fairy tale. Push the file to see some of the contents.

Met Dr Ridzwan of Economic at the PUSANIKA P.O.; retiring next year Sep. One of those I acquainted in RU in the morning - in the RU hay-days in the 1980's before it was closed down. Met also Dr Rohani Kader of PPBsBt. She is retiring in two weeks time Feb 18. The only person I met so far who is looking forward to retire, and very happy indeed to arrive at the retiring commencement; to get re-employed on contract is out of question altogether. The rest, retiring bothered so much, getting worried about it to the bone-marrow; some even scared to death. Many who had successfully regained employment with the s.q. had changed the attitude, aptitute, posture, in retrospecting of holding it like a child steadfasts to his/her new toy. A new ubiquity.

2007 Feb 6; 1428 Muharram 18 Tue

Busy 'archiving' the b&w 60-70 snaps when CheGu Noorisma Diana of SESERI rang to find a speaker to fill the Engineering slot in the career talk series, for the Feb 10 Sat morning. Hurriedly getting in touch with Prof Marzuki, the Deputy Dean, who refused himself but promised to attempt subordinates, especially the female professor engineers since SESERI is a full board girl school.

2007 Feb 7; 1428 Muharram 19 Wed

Professor Dr Ir Abdul Wahab Muhammad answered yesterday's call for a speaker, and necessary liaison was made. To rendezvous Feb 10 Sat on site.

2007 Feb 8; 1428 Muharram 20 Thu

I was not even half of myself today. Running nose, teary eyes, sputtering cough. It was a bad flu - sans fever. Nonetheless, my STKK6122 students kept on cheering me up and the lecture proceeded for the two hours. Perhaps they are the most cheerful lots of Master Students I had ever have. I sensed they have the feeling of appreciation of the so theoretical fundamental physical chemistry: the thermodynamics, although they perhaps could not yet express their appreciation. It was during the middle of this lecture, I was contacted informing that I was "awarded" another Datuk, and from Putrajaya again: #3grandaughter of Rubaini, at ca. 9 in the morning.

Prof Md Pauzi, my colleague since from SAS time (1967) began his contract era, after yesterday comencement of retirement. This was the Feb "event". The next event would be in April, ME myself. There is no event in Mar. After Apr there are going to be the fate for six others: Dr Maimunah, Dr Mamot Said, Prof Ibrahim Baba, Prof Suriah Abdul Rahman, Dr Nik Ismail, and Prof Wahid Samsudin, all together eight from the PPSKTM. Excluding were several concurrent lab technical staff. Only a few are actually "unfateful" like myself. The rest were very lucky; they were let to know the fate long before the "eventful" day.

I attended the 46th FST Meeting this afternoon, in the Senate Meeting Room. May be this is my last faculty meeting. The next one would be in late Mar, or early Apr; then it will be too close to my date Apr 20. I planned to speak, the farewell one; but with less than half of my self I was unable to. It was about the english thing. It was so easy to make the rule to enable them to shout asking to teach the first year in english where as all of them had just comfortably finished their pre-U course in Bahasa Melayu, including the chinese and indians. I could not understand why do not they use the same modus operandi to answer the shout of the post-graduate students asking to write their theses in english. It is so oxy-moronic. The undergraduates that they put the stress on, whereas the post-graduate who are unstressfull at all in need for the direct interfacing the international front through english. The refreshment was on Dr KMS, of BSBT who was recently appointed a full professor.

2007 Feb 9; 1428 Muharram 21 Fri

Here we go again. A-Race syndrome. PAID (repeat, PAID) extra classes for yr 6 UPSR. Of all the time the school made it on Fri 12 to 1 in the afternoon. The parents may not realise that the "rush" would not pay off as much, because SRKBBB was awarded "Sekolah Harapan" that no "graduate" would be selected for the SBP. But my concern was that, within the hour after one, the sons needed to hurry home, eat, wash, and off to the mosque for the Friday prayer; then home, change, and run for the religious school at two-thirty. This made Friday does't mean anything to them other than a rushing day.

#1grandaughter (today aged 30 months), #3grandaughter, and #2grandson (today aged 12 months), pictured at the same age: 2 days.

The first day home for my #3grandaughter. She seemed rather in a hurry to grow up.

2007 Feb 10; 1428 Muharram 22 Sat

Batu Jong PLKN had its open day today. To Alya's delight, Ani et al visited her. I had a marathon day in SESERI. From eight thirty in the morning, rendezvous with Prof Abdul Wahab in SESERI for breakfast with CheGu Noorisma at nine thirty. The talk began at ten in the "Dewan Gemala Puteri" (the assembly hall) and went on for two hours to twelve. Then became GoH to their "Makan Beradab" in the "Dewan Graha Puri" (the dining hall) - less birthday celebration. A break for the noon. CheGu Zubidah informed me of the "SSAS in the newspaper". PIBG Meeting, three to five, the seventh for this CM, the pre-AGM meeting scheduled Mar 9. SESERI have not been given the sign of a new promising YDP when the current CM is dissolved on the AGM day. A 'round-table' chat under the tree with YDP Noradnan, and Lokmal to about six in the evening. Home. Flat.

Harian Metro 2007 Feb 10 Sat I failed miserably to resist my desire to dance to the music of this news. This is only the tip of an iceberg. It came out in the tabloid as though it is only a minor matter. But it is the tabloid of the mainstream media indicating that it is a major matter, that needed to be cautiously exposed. The seniors F4 in 2007 were the junior F2 in 2005. In 2007 the junior F2 2005 became Senior F4. I watched everything at a close range, even at mid-night, in 2005 through to half of 2006, when they were in the "twilight" F3. Then I decided that SSAS is not SAS. The whole incident was about one and only: REVENGE in sub-conscious. Some of those that I watched the innocent bona-fide F2 2005, then became the brewing F3 2006, and predictably the savage "senior" F4 2007. The report is an abstract of a full "paper"; it contained all the keywords: senior F4, junior F2, washing dresses, secrecy, hand phone, money, scary, fear, safety of juniors, injury, beating, police report, the principal. Excluding keywords are: wardens, herding the F1, vip (very important parents), home weekend, PIBG, counselor, prefects, cheating, school rules. These keywords are so massive that they have their own gravity beside connected to each other. The end results invariably always that the genuine innocent F1 of non-vip non-Klang Valley who checked in to learn something, always ended up a hamster or a gangster. The latter unfortunately are the victims of the cursed SSAS. There are always some who managed to wiggle out of the mass. The Principal refusal of comment is indicative of its severity.

2007 Feb 11; 1428 Muharram 23 Sun

A very hot and dusty day. There has not been a drop of rain for the past four weeks. That made a prickly hot under the afternoon sun. Dusty from the recently "barenised" neibouring lot. But blessed with a rather breezy afternoon that made a confortable cool under a shadow.

W7 S-II 06/07: 2007 Feb 12; 1428 Muharram 24 Mon

Another three days "on"-ed, as before, Mon to Wed. Solo b.f. in Engineering. Not been there since the Rivera rererestarted 2006 Nov mid when many switched to for the precious morning time. The Qs rally was very slow in the left lane; not even picking up the momentum yet.

2007 Feb 13; 1428 Muharram 25 Tue

My feeling is that the distance between the earth and the sky in UKM is dilating. If so, then this is an omen of the birth of a new comet. The intrinsic thing about the comet is that most of the time it is forgotten - the aphelionic zone. Only for a brief fraction - the perihelionic zone, the comet is noticed and become the talk of the time. The comet always hide its tail from the sun. On approaching the sun it keeps the tail behind, but after passing the sun it "clasps" the tail at the front. Not so sure about the orbit and the period. For sure it is so elliptical; otherwise it would have become a planet.

2007 Feb 14; 1428 Muharram 26 Wed

The academic membrane is so thin that reverse osmosis preceded in this part of the "world". Instead of the researchers go out to demonstrate to the manufacturers under a natural osmotic entropy, the manufacturers pierced into to demonstrate to the researchers. More ironic, the agents, not the manufacturers themselves that demonstrated to the researchers. Perhaps this is a new strategy for the direct MLM. To break the membrane like that of the water filter. In the former, the rakyat could not see the difference between the dirty air and the filtered air, thus impossible to break the psychology. Unlike in the latter of which the rakyat could see very clear: cloudy or clear. Here is a perfect place to pierce. It is full of blind Piper sarmentosum. The aimed target is not the labs, but the homes or offices of those around the labs. Brilliance. Marketing that is not taught in any university, not even in harvard.

2007 Feb 15; 1428 Muharram 27 Thu

Final lecture for this half semester and for STKK6122; next week sem break, after which the baton will be passed on to Dr Maimunah. In returned I will take over STKK2922 from Dr Rusli through to the final exam in mid Apr. The former is mainly a prelude to the theoretical polymer solution, while the latter is the basic polymer chemistry. I was informed by the school sec that from Mar, I would be sitting the school managerial CM, meaning, attending its monthly meeting. Then perhaps another one in early Apr. Then the R-day before the next that follows.

The chairman petted on my back in the opposite posture, in the resuscitation corner in the late morning whith every one who was having a spree on Dr Jamaluddin (he said for his first grandchild). He could mean it either, "I'm sorry", or "Just be patience". I dared not try to ask his elaboration.

The drops eventually formed the fall; thunderous in some instances. It cooled the air, pacified the dust, but wetted the ground. Its late afternoon routine, even though not yet ferrocious, sometimes troubles the kiddies coming home from the schools.

2007 Feb 16; 1428 Muharram 28 Fri

Mid-sem break could be seen visible only from Mon. Academics proceeded, perhaps until after Fri prayer today. Then some "peace" will prevail till the middle of next week. IL et al in two cars arrived from Terengganu in the late afternoon on their way to see the greatgrandchildren, from here to Segamat. Alya too arrived in the late evening for the CNY break from the K Krai PLKN. By the morning tomorrow, everyone in the family, fifteen altogether would be at home. Half of the arrangements were actually independently "pre-arranged". We just consumed it.

2007 Feb 17; 1428 Muharram 29 Sat

It was gloomy in the morning. A downfall, mid-day. Then shadowy for the rest of the day. It wasn't breezy, but cool enough for a comfortable day with neighbours, relatives and friends. It was the day given to Aidah, the #3grandaughter, nine days old, for her to grow up.

2007 Feb 18; 1428 Muharram 30 Sun

Post-kenduri day: slow, sleepy and snoozy; added by the return of the heat. Reclaiming the s.q. around home was more tiring than the opposite; kinetically regressed, but stately progressed. Nonetheless, the Qs on the left lane inched on. Slow, but perhaps on time for submission.

W8 S-II 06/07: 2007 Feb 19; 1428 Safar 01 Mon

In exactly two months time, the last day in office. I have two months to pack and then leave. Mid-sem break week, Sem 2, 2006-07 session; commenced since Feb 17 Sat. Covering the pig's CNY since yesterday; plus its week-end replenishment tomorrow. And the school break too, to Tue; some parts, for another day Wed. The Hijrah's Safar 01 is not coincidental for CNY is equally lunar just like Thaipusam. Last year dog's CNY was on Jan 29 Sun with the Hijrah 1427 Muharram 01 on Jan 31 Tue. One to two days difference may be of myopic or presbiopic in nature. The point is chinese dog NY took thirteen lunar months to make a pig. For next year NY, the pig may take only twelve lunar months to metamorph into a rodent, next year in early Feb. This is how the chinese realign their calender with the gregorian solar seasons to justify the claim of the "heavenly" phenomena. When I was a small boy in my home-place, CNY was said to always come with wind and rain. The chinese in my place loved that because they could stay in-door to spend the rest of the break gambling. Hijrah stayed invariably twelve lunar months; the gregorian season has nothing whatsoever to do with.

Gloomy, then rainy for the first half of the day. And light sunny for the second half. A year in a day. Some nerds appeared in the campus. Strolling the spaces was no longer a fun. The speed returned to subluminal, and getting more subs every day. Nobody bothered now anyway.

A matter of curiosity. Eight days had passed. Nothing had happened. It has no effect what so ever, other than that it will become part of my life to the last day. I shall remember that. For the past many years, it was simply ignored by the ignorance and irresponsibility towards the subordinates. This differentiates professional administrators, the one that undergone specific training, from the amateur who were simply appointed from among the "subordinates".

2007 Feb 20; 1428 Safar 02 Tue

CNY week-end replenishment, built-in the mid-sem break. Very gloomy start, then very hot, then very wet. Popped in the office twice, in the early morning - from last night insomnia, and in the late afternoon. The end of Qs of STKK1113 was asymtotic. It was since yesterday evening. That eluded the acquisation of momentum for the next one, and the next one.

2007 Feb 21; 1428 Safar 03 Wed

Many returned to work. The rest continued with the break; some for the whole week. Under the cover of mid-sem break, Wed, Thu, Fri were "on-ed"; thus theoretically, the whole week this week. About time STKK/KT3994 finishes their experimentals. From next week, many would swarm the office to have their spectra interpreted; writings to be rewritten; questions to be preanswered. Many however had learned the "lesson", that the later the better, because then we do not have much time to go with it. They would be returned uncommented. The examiners are as unbothered. The oral exam is highly dependent on how the questions are answered, not on the answered questions.

2007 Feb 22; 1428 Safar 04 Thu

PLKN trainees returned to the camp today. Sent off Alya at Hentian Sg Tangkas, as before. Everyone was alerted to the Feb end about Q things for the end semester use in Apr mid. Stumbled with Prof Shahrir in pasar tani Jln 6. Inevitably, the content of the comm was of the lowest common denominator - the post-retirement. Acted, thinking would settle some of the crisis. Having "a private place of my own". It did not do much because it was a matter of mining the mind - inborn inability perhaps.

The pandora box. Been opening twice a day, on "on-ed" or not, for any dream to come true, as others been doing. This is the third box since my tenure here from 1983 Mar. Its place was also changed uncountable times. The two previous boxes were not demaged. They were simply changed.

2007 Feb 23; 1428 Safar 05 Fri

The break was a very short break. It was as always for the gathering of pace for a hectic leap as the exam nears; both final and mid. First half of the day was for resuscitation from last night for the following.

2007 Feb 24; 1428 Safar 06 Sat

The night before, the whole day, and the night that followed, rolled into one, into Presario, inching the Qs to meet the Feb end. It was like the last ten metres in the 100-m dash; very close but very slow.

2007 Feb 25; 1428 Safar 07 Sun

A quick visit to the office in the morning to confirm the s.q. of the five Qs in the STKK2922 that were taken off during the last session; to be rescheduled. With that, a period is visible.

W9 S-II 06/07: 2007 Feb 26; 1428 Safar 08 Mon

Second half of semester II commenced. It would take seven weeks. STKK6122 was passed on to Dr Maimunah to carry on to the end of semester. Took over the baton of STKK2922 from Dr Rusli. This is the final interface with the students in the lecture theatre before the Apr R-day; Mon in the DAM, and Thu in 130B. Its going to be about forteen hrs in seven weeks, or less. It was about a review of what polymer and polymerisation were all about as was given by Dr Rusli. Then it would be about a detail analysis of the molar mass of the polymer. The subject many, including those carrying out their master experimentals, do not get the idea. The session fades with the more 'blank' chapter of copolymerisation. Then it would be over. Late Mar or the latest early Apr.

2007 Feb 27; 1428 Safar 09 Tue

One of the things in the parade that welcome my retirement. The first payment since my residing in late 1987 - very close to 20 years ago. And they had not provided any service at all, including the access road. Garbage clearing is irrelevent. And again in Aug.

With that, we are now urban dwellers, and no longer as for the past twenty years, country folks. I mean from tax point of view, not from facility point of view.

Logon-free for four days, Tue to Fri, although there would be one 12-1 engagement on Thu.

2007 Feb 28; 1428 Safar 10 Wed

Every one converged around the printers in the gen office. Today was the last day Qs needed to be passed on. The failure of which will have the particular papers unmentioned in the mail - the inverse way of telling the others. Ironically, they are for the final, needed in Apr mid - in six weeks time. In a week, they will be "refereed" - practically each will be given about an hr - ostensibly "for your eyes only". They then will take more than four weeks to get incubated. With that, many ignored the mids, which were equally weighted.

Count Down 2007: -1-00, Mar

2007 Mar 01; 1428 Safar 11 Thu

The Qs thingy were still around, and became quiet by the day end. It was a long wait, almost in agony, for the 12-1 lecture in 130B. And feeling the time so wasted after that. Unlike the freshness of that in the morning. And very soon stacks of mss to be read before submission.

2007 Mar 02; 1428 Safar 12 Fri

Spent some times in the morning strolling the places, after hopelessly in the spaces; ended with junior buddies at the Rivera. About fifty days to go, very soon, the latter said after admitting that I wanted to go on; but that was not a need; unlike those who had to go on even if they had to put up a fight. May be I was not being fully honest to myself. The former admitted that, there is no need at all to do anything, anything at all, once at that level. Unlike before that, when obedience count; and obedience with sure return.

2007 Mar 03; 1428 Safar 13 Sat

The post-mid-sem break was in operative. Many students were elusive; they said for the mid-sem papers which would be mostly in the vicinity of Mar 10 weekend, the end week the exams were allowed.

Biro is either out of idea, or twenty years obsolete. In the former, as I contended many years ago, that its "core business" was EIA, which was at its peak. With the speeding down-turn of the subject, and no one in need for it anymore, biro metamorphed into an appendix. In the vacuum thus this is the short term "quickie". In the latter, biro, twenty years ago had all the means and gears to go for mineral water which had fetched a price higher than petrol. The geologists for the resource, the chemist for the analyses, the biologist for the inactivity, the engineering for the bottling, the material sc for the bottle itself, and many other advantageous limbs others do not have. Unfortunately, biro has less van der Waals marketing, plus the arrogance that prevented it reaching the opportunity. Now, the eventuality. Tolled by the notorious NEP-ism.

In a place in tropical rain forest, currently, a litre of water cost 2 rm, more expensive than the petrol which is ca. 1.90 rm, just recently increased from 1.60 rm.

2007 Mar 04; 1428 Safar 14 Sun

PLKN term would end in seven days time. To many, the ten weeks was a loss; many things could have been achieved within that precious weeks before the SPM results were made known.

Got herded with millions others in getting duped by the "spydawn". It came in and worked itself into the system. Suddenly the task bar bleeped. I knew it was a malicious capitalist adventure. It was locked unabled to get removed from the add/remove menu of the control panel. On the DT, whatever button is hit, it take to the same page where money collector is waiting, without a u-turn option. Some how it was removed from here. "www.bleepingcomputer.com/ forums/topic81275.html". There were many other "helpers" on the net. Many of them are however the never-give-up capitalists opportunists. They are just multiplicates of the "spydawn"; it started with the seductive offer to cure; it continued with a non-interrupted curing process; it ended with a blackmail by asking money in order to complete the curing process. Like those sites that ask the credit card particulars in return for "free" membership. Once "kissed" by the malwares, OS is not the same again, such as the oxy-moronic "free membership after subscription is paid" - the kind of semantic that exist only in the capitalist states.

W10 S-II 06/07: 2007 Mar 05; 1428 Safar 15 Mon

A repeating Monday. Arrived early, 2922 at 10, onlined to "on" for Tue-Fri. A new entry though after mid-day. Sitting in the CM of reading Qs. This is the highest academic authority which shapes and sets the level of chemistry to be attained by the graduate. The members are all seniors - some are as senior as the UKM itself, many are with the royal decorations, the highest academic post holders, the academic administrators; all are not less than an assoc prof. The food was not good at all. It was ironic to parallelarise it with the pride tag hung on each of them.

2007 Mar 06; 1428 Safar 16 Tue

Every single thing today seemed to go against the current, in fact since last night on attempting to call the day; all were antagonising. The asettled 3290 into the R-day. With forty five days to go, no sign of a hatch in the pandora box. The sense of urgency crept into the nerve. The short waiting became agonisingly long. Pinches of pains tickle the feeling. The silence may develop a thunder, that will shy off every one under the spell of the fate. It is hard not to hope, but harder to believe the hopelessness.

It was like the arrival of a ferry after barely crossed to the opposite bank. It's good for others who learned to do good to themselves by reciprocating to everybody. It is a hate to express its gratefulness explicitly even though it was ostensibly hard works. The deliberation that I had been yelling when my stepometer dead-stopped ten years ago unable to rest in peace at its next final one last step.

2007 Mar 07; 1428 Safar 17 Wed

In the Rivera morning ritual, I appreciated the admiration of my young colleagues, unfortunately from different PP. It's hard to believe that they are all invitations and declination is only an option. The Qs in their pre-"incubation" were adequately rebutted and addressed. Mss writings began to pile up. Stumbled by Dr Ahmad in OneStopSgTangkas who said he was coming from the PAC (whatever the creature is) meeting in which a staff like me is evaluated on the weighing machine. And my usual contention that contended in part on what he said were being practiced. The comm was deliberated and came into the anecdote in Seseri he didn't realise that he was wearing my shoes. It will be predictable when the time comes if he is wearing my shoes here.

2007 Mar 08; 1428 Safar 18 Thu

A repeating Thu like a repeating Mon. 2922, 12-1 in 130B, predictably deswelled. But some were really curious "devotees". Like Dr Rusli, I wondered how much I actually delivered the subject. Likewise, I wondered how much they actually "harvested". I concluded the MJAS 2006 Vol today. Not sure the 2007 vol. It's interesting to see it beeing "suspended" into a romance. No wonder, some are so obssessed in being the maker. It's when the Ego the Great is being entertained. It's amazing to see when others subdue themselves when in our territory, no matter how great they are.

2007 Mar 09; 1428 Safar 19 Fri

Another whole day in SESERI - including many hours of wiggling out of traffic congestion. First thing in the morning, even before sun-rise. Reached at 0840, for the 0900 event. The AGM #5 of PIBG. With that I hope I am being freed (except for a few finishing spins). Nor Adnan the YDP was re-voted, and he readily accepted even though his daughter, like mine, is F5 2006. Other F5 2006 members took my "fate". A "high table dinner", perhaps the last - and the last frolic with the charming and energetic teachers, in the afternoon. Some teachers would remember me for some while, and some promise to invite me when they are having "makan-makan" events. Rushed home for Jum at the usual MPI. Then again repeated the journey. From 1445, reached 1545 (for the 1500 event) for the briefing of Homestay project between Japanese Hipo Family Club - Malaysia Hiroshima Club under the auspice of Kementerian Pelajaran. Reached home ca. 1840 from 1700 - taking an undertaking spin for a few days from Mar 25.

2007 Mar 10; 1428 Safar 20 Sat

Pre-break for the school - perhaps the first sem mid-term, technically from Mar 12 Mon. The school will reopen Mar 19 Mon. And the kiddies' show of unrestlessness at home.

2007 Mar 11; 1428 Safar 21 Sun

Met many friends during the walimah of Suhaimi Muslim in Danau a.k.a. University Golf Club but perhaps sans friendship. Perhaps they felt the same way. Similarly a few moments later in the place of Utz Sain, the uphill neighbour. About the neighbourship.

The first consignment (1/3) of PLKN trainees were returned today to where they were picked up ten weeks ago - Jan 1 Mon. And thus to some another agony is over, while for others some sweet memories were carved. The agony of being the camp "internees", and the agony from the broken promises. It started right from the first day journey to Kuala Kerai. There was fear on every face of the draftees. The unfit bus had to be abandoned and rescued by another bus in Bentong. The home trip bus never turned up until the sun had reached the other side of the globe. The promise "allowance" was not banked in until today. In the camp, it was just like those the money-making motivation centres. Plus the army sub-rules when it comes to punishment. A composite of many forms of them. The sweet memories were that of new friendships, new acquaintances, exclusive experience, new opportunities, and new renewal.

W11 S-II 06/07: 2007 Mar 12; 1428 Safar 22 Mon

SPM 2006 results were announced today. They were made available in the school from 10 am. Thus it was celebrations in every secondary school throughout the country, irrespective the grades scored in the school. SESERI had much to celebrate. With 1.71 on the index, 'she' is the second, among SBP's, after a similar school in Seremban.

The results carried another SBP full eclipse with 19A1 by Nadiah Amirah from a rural school in Batu Pahat, where a colleague, Prof Ambar is an alumnus. Two more A1's from that of 2005 Amalina. The media were impatience to tell; the news was leaked and well publicised since Mar 4 in both print and electronic media. Perhaps the leak was deliberated. By leaking it for about ten days, the heat of SPM results would not be too intense by the time it is officially made available. Every school then talks about the results of its own pupils rather than that particular result. The schools should be made to realise that their pupils ordinary results are more important than that one single unsual result.

A new approach to the rat A-race. Panning the younger contender.

My view stands as before. That at current s.q. SBPs are irrelevant as far as the exam is concerned. This one however is more sensible in that she said she wants to do pharmacy in the Cambridge. Unlike the previous one who said she wanted to do medicine in the Oxford, which never have a medical faculty since its inception in the 15th century. By a simple regression, there should be a results of 21A1 in 2008 SPM (to be announced in 2009 Mar) - the number of papers Nadiah said she was not allowed to take.

2922 10-11 in DAM was before the chase to SESERI for the Alya's results. In a short moment after the lecture, met Prof Dr Othman and Prof Dato' Dr Baharuddin along the corridor over a cup of tea left over by the visiting school pupils from Johor. And again the comm was about no other matters than the Piper sarmentosum phenomenon in the U's heaven. Spent three hrs for SESERI including the uninterrupted drive, a fraction of it with the teachers. Congratulating them for our 'achievement'. The chorus of exam began tonight with the mid 1113 in the DP Bestari - 208 students. The first time my paper was held there, even though I had been in this hall a few times already, for the 'walimah' of friends. Dr Ishak 'presented' in his three helpers. Their helps were indespensable. The hall could take about 850 tables.

2007 Mar 13; 1428 Safar 23 Tue

Logon-freed Tue to Fri. Post-exam matters. The OMR to be read by Pusat Komputer, and the item for the "Fail Kursus". The post-SPM-announcement in the media today revealed many more "stories". There were many more scorers. Many more results with 17, 18, and more than one hundreds were in the straight. But the so-called amazing 19 was actually not true at all. It was only 14-4-1; there was a B. The new "queen" is thus in Kelantan with an 18. It was Siti Fatimah in Kelantan. Or perhaps, taking the age denominator, Melissa 17A1, in Sabah. The A are now so ubiquitous. The race had become the rat-race. And the racers become more and more freaks. In the future, when everything is not less than A, a new sieving method is needed to differentiate between the A. Perhaps PNGK, in which the decimal points could be extended indefinitely as the sieve is getting finer and finer.

The slip was faked by printing the false results. Claimed done for a good cause. Not for intentional falsification. The paper had elaborated it; but for sure with a consent.

Perhaps, another way to say it, again. It gave quite an anxiety. All possibilities are less sketchy. Clearer on their view while on evening resuscitation.

2007 Mar 14; 1428 Safar 24 Wed

More "stories" about the results trickled into public through the media. SPM is really a rat race now. Getting proliferous. Some pupils were freaks - contagiously; and now had infected the parents. "Ripping what was sown."

In places every one was supportively assertive. Cheerfully "resuscitating". The LA, on an impromptu visit for some packing containers. Needed that for some kind of maintenance.

2007 Mar 15; 1428 Safar 25 Thu

Thirty seven years of the UKM chemistry. (The original chemistry was up to 1999 Jul only.) And I was in it for thirty six years (one less the maiden year). And for the first time, attended the "inside" CM meeting on the ticket of chairman of the school's ICT cm. The 3/2007, for it is a monthly. The 'membership' is permanent; perhaps on the insistence of the faculty which listened to the yelling I made through the w-masters meeting. The way I pushed for the same in the faculty level on the insistence of the university central ICT CM, when I was the coordinator (15 Aug 2001 - 14 Aug 2004 - spanning all the first three deans of FST) - unfortunately only several meetings before my appointment 'expired'. The meeting was long. Apparently, creating things to do in the schools, and deciding which group is to undertake the task. It was a lot for ICT. Ostensibly, a kick if any will tick only after two thirds of Apr. Not even a meeting.

High-noon 2922 gave the break away, 12-1 130B. Then retreated for a home 'resuscitation', then in a short company of several bona fide supportive younger colleagues. Then on a hope of long and peaceful weekend. Unfortunately, started with sans sleep at night through to the insomniac morning.

2007 Mar 16; 1428 Safar 26 Fri

Another day of post-insomnia. Managed only to stroll some spaces and places. In the Rivera in the morning. And taken to sect 15 after that. Re-employment seemed to take some space in the eudora. Some exchanges beetween the earth and the heaven who as always caught by defending the ubiquity against whom the desires were mis-matched.

A new phenomenon, at least in FST. Perhaps a sarcasm mechanism for the Syarahan Perdana that are so "infamous" among the professors.

2007 Mar 17; 1428 Safar 27 Sat

A quick pop-up in the very early morning. Unworthy of staying because the speed was so slow. Then spent the whole day attempting to "beautify" the school pages. Also some furnishings. It could have been better, but too tired to search where were they right now. I knew they were in my PC somewhere.

2007 Mar 18; 1428 Safar 28 Sun

The pages were safely ftp-ed into the school folder, during the late morning popup. Some of the patches, especially on the "old" chemistry in UKM, was actually resided in my own folder since it was so old, I thought it would not call anybody's interest. With that arrangement, it could easily be delinked, and rescued, and yet some could still appreciate it if they stumble it in my link. The speed was relatively very good.

Been aboding in this room for twenty four years since 1983 Mar 30 Wed;

W12 S-II 06/07: 2007 Mar 19; 1428 Safar 29 Mon

Exactly A MONTH TO GO. Today, next month would be my last day - the last login in the morning and the last logout in the evening of Thu. Never imagined ceremoniously. It would be like those ordinary "earthlings" that I have observed many times already. They just disappeared quietly, and never seen or heard again - like caribous disappearing into the thickness of Thundra. Surely I would be in the vicinity after then, for a few briefs, to clear the "den" that I have been massing up since 1984 Mar - since twenty four years ago.

In the morning Rivera, last week eudora contents had created a much anxiety; and among some colleagues too. Some were so sympathetic that they prodded it in whisper; in case it might hurt. And some even raised something to the effect of an appeal. Perhaps, some people were in consequential stress - of different kind of course. The normal kind that would be over in due course. And then forgotten.

The late morning 2922 10-11 DAM, deswelled further. But I reckoned those who steadfast followed it closely. Ended the first part. Thu, to begin the next and the last before the final exam. A kicking by Anuar Rushdi on the hp for the class of 66 reunion - honouring everybody into "mass" retirement this year. Perhaps the extension of what was a minireunion in 2003 Nov 27 Thu in Trg.

2007 Mar 20; 1428 R'Awal 1 Tue

Today next month, Fri, my retirement clock starts its ticking, unwinding its spring to its potential end. A rainy morning, second day the school reopened. The traffic was like the particles of an ideal gas, being compacted to become a diamond crystal. Two close-by accidents, one at the junction to SRK Jalan 2, and another at the junction to Sect 3. The former involved multiple vehicles. The quarter km away traffic light prevented its fatality. Unambiguously, the school days is a determinant in the morning traffic entropy. It was a 'heavenly' peace last week. It was a week of school break.

Writings are piling up since yesterday. All have to go by nextweek end. Met PM Zahir and PM Dr Zul, both of economy, while sorting the fish to be picked. Had the comm of the time. Less than a month to go.

The last e-cuti form filled; Mar 21 Wed

2007 Mar 21; 1428 R'Awal 2 Wed

It's hard to believe if it happens. And even harder to believe when it happens. And especially when writing on the wall reads otherwise. Met academician-turned-corporate-turned-academician, and trapped with some "philosophical" comm to late Rivera morning. More and more anxiety whispered, including those in and out every day.

2007 Mar 22; 1428 R'Awal 3 Thu

Concluded, from today, all the leave remaining to the edge just before the R-Day. The three days remaining were calculated. A day for the final exam (2922 and 1113 which were like deliberately packed into a single day - Apr 17 Tue). A day for the farewell on the last day Apr 19 Thu. And the third day for the token friendship with UKM (without login-logout after the R-Day, a.k.a. burn).

The only reason to be in today was the high-noon 2922 in 130B. And the belated viva in the late afternoon of the limping thesis of a belated final sem student, examined by Prof Dr Md Pauzi. It was over in peace.

Internally posted a letter to CC director asking to own the Dell GX240 provided 2002 Mar 11 - more than five years ago - providing my ICT contributions to the fac and PPSKTM to bargain. As well as its perishable age. The one that I practically used for the jobs was actually my PCP4 which I bought with my own salary ca. six months after that.

The last pay slip; Mar 23 Fri

2007 Mar 23; 1428 R'Awal 4 Fri

The last one-piece pay slip arrived this morning. For 2007 Mar. Next month nineteen days pay would not come in one piece like this. Perhaps belated via a voucher, depending on the clearance about how much I owe to UKM. And also the IRS matter which to this date I have not yet visited for the total clearance. Surprisingly the old "face" reappeared. What ever happened to the new face that appeared in Jan and Feb?

The cold of leaving began to touch the nerve when some remnants jobs being done at home were asked about through a phone call. Apparently it cooked into an agony of insomnia. Even after many hours of focus at night designing the cover for the MJAS 2007 Vol 11.

Went to JPN of Tangkas Terminal Complex at ten to five, the closing minute. Azizah too, rendezvous from her weekdays chorus of accompanying Asri. Made MyKad, the several years belated. In fifteen minutes the two cards were settled and ready for collection in two weeks. That was possible through #1 of the office who was known to Edi while both were in Putrajaya in the years 2003 - 2004. The "short-circuit" was amazing. I had this kind of "privilege" before. Back in 1979 Jun when I was making the passport for Azizah and my #1daughter at the office in Jln Tugu, near the KTM railway station. I got an unexpected help from En Nazri, the Immigration Officer neibouring back-to-back in Damansara Utama. Initially it was short-circuited through the uniformed officer, known to Kamal, the then Noriah's future husband.

2007 Mar 24; 1428 R'Awal 5 Sat

The Sat at home after a popup in the early morning while taking SB for his xtra classes in UPSR SRK. It was a rather speedy spaces. Then a short reminiscence in the Walimah of PM Zahir in 2/1A, a non-science batch-mate 1971 UKM, mainly with PM Dr Imran Ho, another non-sci colleague in UKM who I acquianted only since the PTK era (2003 Oct). It could not be long for this was a different biosphere from which my 'contacts' were only particulate.

2007 Mar 25; 1428 R'Awal 6 Sun

A frolic again with SESERI. In Selayang Stadium as for the past three times. This one, the Sportsday #4, I anticipated, is to be the eventual end. The place and the people were too familiar. And it appeared that I was too familiar even to the "new comers" of SESERI.

However, my presence was for the participation of the Homestay programme with the Japanese Hipo Family Club, comprising boys and girls 10-12. The host here was Hiroshima International Club and under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. I was the only participant whose daughter was an ex-SESERIAN. The rest were with a present daughter (F4 or F5) in SESERI.

Her name was Sakiko Aizawa, 11, from Aomori. She is going to stay with the family for the week, till Friday morning. The end would be on Apr 2 Mon. Every one was excited when she arrived at home ca. 3 pm, especially CB who has a few japanese words he would have the opportunity to put in practice even though the motive of the club activity was its reciprocal.

On the display was the fragile and volatile dignity of us. There were about twenty five japanese who were very eager to learn specifically the malay culture, not the malaysian per se, against ca. six hundreds. They displayed it with every bit down to their bones. Including "asakom" and "selamat malam" in the middle of the sunny hot afternoon. In b/w contrast. The moment they arrived, the school, which they knew that in it was the pure malay culture, changed like a "pok kke" iguana. The CEO who knew a few words of japanese, began with it to show it off, and the rest was in english. The speech for the VVIP was prepared and read in english. But that was our hospitality. Perhaps the japanese did not learn this kind of unique hospitality.

W13 S-II 06/07: 2007 Mar 26; 1428 R'Awal 7 Mon

A quiet Monday around the places. Went to the campus only for 2922. But caught by the 1113 anxious students, and the correction of the examined thesis. And that took to mid-day too. The rest of the daylight was given to Sakiko around Bangi Utama. She had been to SRK in the early afternoon to have a touch of the school for kid of her age in this country. She cooked us sushi for the dinner plus cockle soup.

2007 Mar 27; 1428 R'Awal 8 Tue

Half an hr from 6.40 was not sufficient to reach SESERI in the morning. Sakiko was ten minutes late. But it was excusable. Imagine millions of KL periphery dwellers spents hours every working days in the traffic parade. In the early morning and in the late evening. Albeit, by the day end, Sakiko was very cheerful, and recovered from her slight off-set last night. And the traffic on the way home was very kind indeed. Sakiko and I talked via a dictionary.

Rehearsing the chorus of retirement. Not going to the office. Doing something else elsewhere. An inner friend sms-ed for the morning discourse. Having "teh tarik - roti canai" alone in a foreign place where no one knows who you are. A sense of loneliness touches the nerve in a dream that was awaken when the home was in view - and the familiar voice.

Either which way. Amazing indeed, the future was set in this past. Murphy rule #1 applies: A frolic may turn to a conflict.

2007 Mar 28; 1428 R'Awal 9 Wed

Restarted with ten minutes earlier than yesterday. And the result was exponential. Reached SESERI forty minutes earlier than yesterday. A few seconds before seven. Sakiko was jovial with her friends. And then Zidni to Menara Esso at one of his luxarious early, to tango with the TV ran out of the battery left locked outside overnite. And still managed to reach office 0740 to join the "discourse".

The chairman confirmed it. In either which way.

Again, the second half of the day was given to Sakiko for her 12th b.d. Every one was at home, except Malini et al. But was later alarmed by her pointing finger in the "translator" page: "I feel pain in my tummy".

The device that made its appearance ca. 2002. It went well with windows 2000, but needed to be installed - meaning "personalised" for each on each SU - in Windows 98. It cost ca. 1 rm per mb, viz. 1k rm for 1 gb piece. That had distracted me. I waited. Today it cost 40 rm. And the university eventually realised that then it was the "paper" of the time. I was provided one. Nonetheless twenty days before retirement. Perhaps the university forgot that I was retiring.

2007 Mar 29; 1428 R'Awal 10 Thu

Last night wee hrs rain persisted to the morning. The arrangement that Zidni take Sakiko to SESERI by retracing the yesterday time and route was reverted after talking to CheGu Kumiko via CheGu Zubidah about Sakiko's wish to be absent this morning because she did not feel well enough. It was 0640. U-turned for the forgotten glasses. The thickening traffic from after the plaza was saved via besraya, and reached SESERI 0710. The low fuel was replenished at 1/3 pet. Unlocked the door 0740 but joined discourse 0815.

1015 received the call from a call to home that Sakiko needed to be taken home for she was not well and could not be together in the arrangement. Pegged by the 2922 12-1 130B, and tailing hons students theses and 1113 mid-sem news and the yesterday promised Q. 013 running out of battery. Run home for the charger, to do it, while on the 2922. No lot on returned. Squatted on PPFG chairman. In ten minutes while attending the 1113-ers the table set rang that he could not park his, and asked to get my WFV removed. The same guy, a SAS-ian UKM-an junior, that rode in my WCG to Tekam Plantation Jerantut 1993 Dec 31 Fri for SN & SB students motivation activities; a stopped in cousin's place for fri prayer and a noon meal in Jengka 18, who on my later visit had not forgotten him with a vessel of pickled kelubi, before he passed away. Apologetically removed my WFV on the way to 2922. Those were that needed an everest of patience. All done.

Waded in the traffic with Alya, and reached SESERI at ca. 1400. Sakiko was hauled home half and hour later. Half and hour later she recovered to normal after a cup of hot corn and a cup of CCola in the MD Diamond. And the rest of the day through to ishak was in alamanda after 5k yen were converted to rm in bangi utama money changer.

2007 Mar 30; 1428 R'Awal 11 Fri

Managed to "catch" Fauziana in the morning in her office to arrange for the course of online grading for lecturers. Targeted date Apr 19 Thu, my last day. The plan B is Apr 16 Mon. To be made compulsory to all lecturers. Other days were occupied. The job clearly marked for my action. Sarcastic indeed knowing that I had only a few days left.

SAYONARA. 3 pm. Took Sakiko to SESERI and delivered her to her new host, one the daughter Jasmine Yap of Kepong, who a year ago was the guest to Aizawa family in Aomori. CB acompanied. Spinning the tick to write "the report" to the organising club about the homestay. Right now it's hard to draw the line between the black and white without seeing the real target of the programme. Sakiko could tell exactly the difference between our life and that of Jasmine Yap. She could tell the chorus and routine, but she could not understand yet the culture. But she was just eleven. On the way home, ca. 5.30, paraded in the condensed traffic slurry that moved like a glacier, right from after leaving the SESERI gate to after entering the toll circuit. It took ca. half hr q to reach the T&G bar alone at 7 in Sg Besi. Apparently T&G was useless in this situation. Smart tag helped a little. Reached home 7.35.

2007 Mar 31; 1428 R'Awal 12 Sat

The day the muslim celebrated the prophet's birthday - Maulidurasul, and award presentation occasion. Helping Dr Md Soot manning his walimah in DP Bestari. His #2daughter. His second walimah. From the akad in the morning in BBaginda mosque to late afternoon end of reception in DP Bestari. A cool and relax place. There was no hurry in any need at all. As always, the other side of the occasion was meeting and reminiscing acquiantances, near and distant, new and old. Keeping an ear on any tick. Spent quite sometimes reminiscing with Dato' Ibrahim, et al, and Dr Mahazir, grabbing Dr Tajul for the comm of the time the nuclear of which seemed absence; of which he seemed to have a better rapport. He has fifteen days to go Apr 15. Undeniably, I was among them. The rest were casual.

Informal evening in Nailli's Place. SS21/37. The place I was rather familiar back in 1976-1979 before leaving for England (the restaurant and the surroundings - minus the dwelling places - were only recently). Muzani and Alya accompanied. Among the homestay foster parents - those who could make it, on YB Datuk Astamam P119 TITIWANGSA, who we invited to officiate the sports#4 and homestay participation, Mar 25 Sun. I had the opportunity to see the close structure, the type of the first encounter, of his inner sight. The kind in top quarter in a hall-size open course. The principal was present, but SESERI was fading together with the distant thunder of the heavy downfall of the evening.

It was a small world after all. In my words, life reunfolds itself. The YB son married a lass my #2daughter had been a close friend with since her arrival in Cantab in autum 1999, who had been to my home, before and after, many times. En Adnan's sister is a teacher in SRK Jln 2 who must have been teaching my children ever since they went to the school, who has a daughter my #5daughter is a buddy with during her early secondary school days, and a bigger daughter who is a colleague of my #1daughter who once we sneaked in something for her in her lugage on the plane to Notts. Both "webs" were unweaved in one time and one place tonight. A kind of relativistic.

Count Down 2007: -0-00, Apr

I think this is the last telephone bill from UKM for the private calls I made from the set on my table. One call in Jan and three in Feb. All to my home. Total duration 4 minutes 52 seconds. Total charge, 40 sen.

-19; 2007 Apr 1; 1428 R'Awal 13 Sun

FINAL MONTH. APR 2007. Nineteen days to go, including today. Ifah and Aidah were taken to see their grandma in Seberang Takir (the first time for the latter), and to bid a goodbye before leaving for England Apr 10 Tue.

A very tangibly expensive trip for a walimah. The host was a long time state-folk, resided in Bukit Naga, a self-developed malay area between Shah Alam and Klang. It started with 1.60 rm on PLUS, then three times 2.20 rm along KESAS. That was 8.20 rm one way. 16.40 rm two ways. Two years ago, my brother was promoted with a pay hike of 300 rm, but was reposted to Klang. If he had made a to-and-fro trip a day, twenty five days a months, he had spent more than 400 rm on the toll alone, not including the petrol, the tyre wear and tear, the lubricants for the engine, etc. The transport cost he said in some month reached the "K" figure. In practice he was actually very much "demoted". He resigned from the company after a year promoted.

-18; W14 S-II 06/07: 2007 Apr 2; 1428 R'Awal 14 Mon

THE LAST CHEMSITRY LECTURE IN UKM. That of 2922 DAM 10-11 am. On Q-e scheme of estimating the reactivity ratios of comonomers in a free radical chain copolymerisation. 159 registered students; co-lecturing with Dr Rusli Daik, my student in early 1980's when I newly returned from England.

The whole course was about the fundamental principles of polymerisation. In the evolution of UKM's chemistry this paper had changed code many times. So did its slot in the bachelor curriculum. I studied this subject when I was in third year UKM 1973 from Dr Mohamad Salleh Suwandi. During my master programme in Salford in 1974-1976, I attended the undergraduate lectures of Dr Brown and Dr Huglin (who became my supervisor when I returned for my PhD in 1979) which more or less were revisions of what I had studied from Dr Suwandi. In UKM this subject was offered in the 3000 level (third year), until quite recently when the 3+0 100 credits was adopted, it was offered in the 2000 level (second year).

I began teaching polymer chemistry subjects as soon as I returned from England in oct 1976. And physical chemistry too. And after my returned from a study leave 1979-1983. By 1988 I published the "Prinsip Kimia Polimer" for students to use as the textbook for the fundamental course. The only polymer subjects in the postgraduate course was 6122, which I designed, which was introduced in 2002-03 Sem 2, which was actually a very much mixture with the fundamental physical chemistry, which I taught initially with Prof Ibrahim Abdullah, then with Dr Maimunah.

The closing of homestay programme by En Abd Ghafar Mahmud of SBP in Empress Hotel, Salak Tinggi. Late afternoon. Sakiko et al would fly home early tomorrow morning. This is also most probably the absolute end of the affair with SESERI. If any then, it would be the finishing touch only.

-17; 2007 Apr 3; 1428 R'Awal 15 Tue

First half day was in Putrajaya PICC, taking Alya for her JPA sponsorship interview, 10-12 session (second session). This was the first time at a very close encounter. Passed thro here once before about a year ago. It was a magnificient structure for a developing country. Very big for a cenvention event. Met several papas and mamas, all with the same mission. Of SESERI, Datuk Ahmad Mustaffa, Azli, and another mama who knew I was in the PIBG. Dr Rozali Othman, and especially was Halim, a retired DBP editor, who I frequently met during the DBP days in the nineties. Perhaps the last was in Singgahsana Langkawi 1996 November 17-22. They have a daughter a close friend of my #2daughter while in SRK Jln 2 in the late-eighties.

An ubiquity. Those who turned up were mostly females, only sporadic males. They were in total delirium. Especially those in the 2.00 session. Imagine the celebration when they make it. The interview, not the study, since there are things invisible, in their blind-spot, to be followed. It takes several years for it to move out onto the retina. And of course another series of inverse-delirium after the study. Almost every one who acquired a "royal flash" opted to do medicine.

-16; 2007 Apr 4; 1428 R'Awal 16 Wed

Had not been into e-warga for quite some times - since concluding to the edge all the leave. In the Rivera morning discourse they said that the pressure had built up and the anxiety was equally mounting. The target was an invariant but the interpretation was quizzy - the jpa style whose only interpretation of its own rule is correct. To many it didn't make matter beyond that it was a cookies of the time in the campus. A few of course do. And in any which way.

Dr Harun ended the 1113 lectures yesterday afternoon and dropped by in the morning to have the latest rapport the exam of which had been fixed on Apr 17 Tue, and unchanged.

For many, life go on as usual, detached from the HR department. The lab-coat which I recieved today, perhaps that of the last year 2006 budget. And the academic, just read from their record about who is with the paper; issued the invigilation duty. Apr 17, morning and afternoon. Two days before my end day. For 6122 it was ignorantly scheduled Apr 23, four days after my end. Who care anyway!

-15; 2007 Apr 5; 1428 R'Awal 17 Thu

A former colleague, Dr Hamid, one of the pioneer local staff of chemistry UKM, retired three years ago, popped in together with Prof Yang. And it was over teh tarik in the Kopitiam, Bangi. So this is kopitiam, the so-much-talk-about. It was as I expected. Majority patrons were melayu. I think it was the service, not the food. Melayu like very much to be served, and they hate very much serving their own fellow. Even a jaga acts like he owns the bank. The teh tarik that I pulled myself using the fresh brew, boh, or not, is any time one hundred times better. The kopi o was just like that of the aik keong sachet. And of course roti bakar that must be grilled on a flat open stove, not in a toaster. Nasi dagang, and keropok lekor were too local, beyond my expectation.

The mission to retrieve the IRS form failed up to the time to go. This is actually the most important piece of job to be done. And it should be done in the shortest time. With it undone, the whole "itinerary" would be upset.

FST 47th meeting in the afternoon. It did not matter any more; I had not been a satellite to any of the ceo's, although two of them are close SAS-ians UKM-ians. I attended the 46th, 2007 Feb 8 Thu, as the last one. Surprisingly, my attendance record for 2006 was quite amazing. 4/6. Refreshment was normally on a newly appointed C-holder. There was none recently.

-14; 2007 Apr 6; 1428 R'Awal 18 Fri

EXACTLY TWO WEEKS TO GO. Too insignificant to linger around. Went to BSN Jln 6. The account was advised to be closed because of its direct descendant of the defunct POSV. BSN is a modern contemporary bank. "Orang mengantuk disorong bantal". That was actually the original plan, so as to reduce the number of ports that I have been feeding. To accomodate the much thinner "resource" in not too many days away. POSV had been instrumental in many ways to an ordinary life like me in the early days in the 1960's and early 1970's. BSN was incorporated on 1st December 1974 under the Ministry of Finance and took over all the duties and responsibilities of the Post Office Savings Bank (POSV). It has detached all of its POSV's precursors.

My first encounter was during the POSV time, in 1964 late Mar when my first FMS arrived, 75 rm for jan-mar 1964. I opened it in K Terengganu PO. It went all along to SAS to 1970, then the UKM tenure to 1974 where the account branch was transferred because I reopened another one in Jln Pantai Bharu, without closing the previous one. To then it was a vehicle in my lifeline especially during my SDOR engagement with RTM Rangakaian Nasional. When I began my tutorship in the second half of 1974, BBMB was engaged in nearby UM, but I kept the dear BSN to today 2007 Apr 6 Fri. Close to exactly forty three years.

It is interesting to note how thin our money is now, and how it is getting thinner and thinner. Yet they hold the trump card. My last deal was some times in 2000, as a transit house when I let my TD go. It was 3750.59 2000 Dec 18 including 34.09 interest calculated from the 1999 2666.50 (1.278 hundredth). The interest is added every year, compositely, entered by an entry for calculated 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 as 102.94, 57.08, 50.76, 40.59, 14.33, and 12.00, respectively. Note the deswelling figure which was calculated from a slightly swollen composite. Working out retrospectively, the multiplier is thinning at 2.745, 1.481, 1.297, 1.025, 0.358, and 0.298 hundredth respectively. The last entry 3.00 is for the 2007 4028.29 fron Jan to supposedly the closure date Apr 6, but I bet not including Apr, which mean 0.0745 hundredth over three months, or 0.298 hundredth per twelve months as for the 2006. The next target is BIMB.

-13; 2007 Apr 7; 1428 R'Awal 19 Sat

To sunset, Presario had been running more than thirty hours in ready-mode. No emergency exit from cpu getting baked - failed to get cooled by the fan. Recently, the emergency exit included cd reading, symantac updating, superspyware scanning, browsing pages that contained a bit too many scripting, and others that required cpu getting heated. Migraine since yesterday evening persisted thro the night, but Walimah Utz Shukur, the uphill respectful elder neighbour, in Bestari UKM had to be attended. Seeing, sans meeting, many figures known during the younger days. It was like pairs of linear equations in 3D perspective. Appeared intersect in x-y, but on different invariant of z-axis.

-12; 2007 Apr 8; 1428 R'Awal 20 Sun

A call at the wee hours. PokLleran passed away after weeks of illness. He was my mother's maternal uncle, not very much older than my mother herself. And he was the last of the "series". His eldest #1son is younger than #2myself, and much younger than my mother's eldest #1son. He and his wife TokChik played a vital role in my mother's upbringing. Especially after she was an orphan at a very early age.

Every body was at home by the evening. Fifteen of us. So it was time to update the photo. 2007 Apr 8; 1428 R'Awal 20 Sun 2000 hr.

SRK Jln 2 Sportsday #26. It was held in UKM's stadium. This is te first time it was held outside the school compound. SB marched. Asri in his sukanika. The field is very big for the children. Plenty of space to run. But the light came too early, and the clouds were very thin. The children were tired due to the sun-baking, not the running on the infinity field. I was a total alien. Almost all of my batch no longer have a kiddy in the SRK. I could get the exact number of times I attended the SRK sportsday by searching my notes. Not less than twenty since my #1daughter Rubaini began her day one 1985 Jan 2 Wed - twenty two years ago. I would never miss when any my kiddies was in the events even if it was, being in the uniform, just helping the teachers.

-11; W15 S-II 06/07: 2007 Apr 9; 1428 R'Awal 21 Mon

Many "tasks" done today, and done even before noon. Made a "mission" visit to the fifth floor to clarify a few matters before "external contacts" could be made. The IRS, the EPF, and the eventual CSD. As they are standing, the actual kicking of the new phase may derails from the schedule. The lower lid left eye had been telling for weeks that something were kicking and brewing, but could not paste any picture.

Made the promised "last" visit to BIMB, Jln 6, Bangi. Done within forty five minutes. No question asked other than "all of it, including cents?" Yes Mem, of course. Please! It would be brewed in the "equivalent" pot.

The acc was opened 1992 May 20, as an alternative to BBMB which at that time was so cheeky and elusive. It was meant for collection of irregular small items. Definitive of the evaporated sweat, and the sans sleep hrs.

Again, like BSN on Fri, it is interesting to note how thin our money is. In here, it is more sarcastic because it is based on profit sharing, not the usual interest. Here it goes: Monthly 32141.55, 32154.76, 32168.41, 32182.07, 32194.41, 32208.08, 32214.70, 32221.54, 32228.16, 32235.00, 32241.84, 32248.47, 32255.32, 32261.95, 32268.80, 32275.65, 32281.84, 32288.69, and to the final date figure 32292.23. It was successively topped by the shared profit of 13.21, 13.65, 13.66, 12.34, 13.67 6.62, 6.84, 6.62, 6.84, 6.84, 6.63, 6.85, 6.63 6.85, 6.85, 6.19, 6.85, and 3.54 respectively. In term of respective hundredth per month (to the excell liberty) it is 0.041099449, 0.042450947, 0.04246402, 0.038344333, 0.042460787, 0.020553849, 0.021232543, 0.020545263, 0.021223675, 0.021219172, 0.020563343, 0.021241318, 0.020554749, 0.021232443, 0.021227935, 0.019178545, 0.02121936, and 0.010963591. That was the "profit sharing". In comparison with other interest-based, in hundredth per year they become (instantaneosly), 0.49319339, 0.509411359, 0.509568238, 0.460131993, 0.5095294, 0.246646183, 0.254790515, 0.246543151, 0.254684102, 0.25463006, 0.24676011, 0.254895814, 0.246656986, 0.254789311, 0.254735224, 0.230142538, 0.254632326, and 0.243635362 respectively, at the excell liberty. To those who do not go to finance school, it reads like this. That 32281.84 of your money Feb 28, I have been doing some business with. And up to Mar 31, here is your share of the profit I made: 6.85!

CB braved himself - where I failed twice. Made his own "mission" to SSAS for the left trails in Apr last year. Muzani shadowed, Alyani accompanied. According to him it was not too difficult. But what I never understand is why did not they keep their promise of mailing it directly to the new school?

-10; 2007 Apr 10; 1428 R'Awal 22 Tue

Aidah, 60 days old, still had not quite awake yet in the early hours, took her first long travel, to England. Together with big sister Arifah and Abi, to accompany her Umi to resume from the rather long break. On MH008 B747-400, scheduled take off 9.00 am non-stop to Heathrow. Every one was at KLIA - no exception, arrived at about Subuh in KLIA. Arifah would surely share with her little sister Aidah, her last experience about living in Notts. They both need a great deal of patience. Naturally they would grow-up too.

Went to Low Yat Plaza, Bukit Bintang for an ICT "spree". Zidni, Muzani and CB accompanied. This place was nicked "ICT Heaven", vegetated from the more pioneering precursor Imbi Plaza. When I was on STPD I used to come here, and previously Imbi Plaza, regularly for my contemporary hardware specification updates for the teaching materials. An HP Presario V3203TU NB S2CE70810PV 3200 DOS T5500 1.66 GHz 512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 120 GB HDD 14.1" DVD +/- DLayer from Sri Computer was acquired to replace the ailing 1700T Presario; from the exact notes I freeze-dried from the BSN Apr 6 Fri which survived from my first hostel days in 1964. Perhaps this would become the paper and pencil for the next five years in dissipating the momentum of reading, reasoning, writing from being a teacher into a bona fide citizen.

-9; 2007 Apr 11; 1428 R'Awal 23 Wed

Alya accompanied in a "mission journey" to Wisma PGRM, Jln Pudu Ulu. The eerie 8th-12th floor. The IRS matters that would set the offset of the new phase. To make the journey merrier, travelled by komuter to Tasik Selatan, then STAR to Chan Sow Lin which needed a to switch to Maluri. PGRM is only a walking distance away. The mission accomplished in forty five minutes at almost mid-day. The place was actually very comfortable, fast service, and enveloped by a an atmosphere of welcome. Of course, that is where the transfers are in quantums of K and almost always in one way. But the whole business took nearly three and a half hrs of the mid day span.

The place is at the corner of the Pudu Rd end continuing with what used to be called Cheras Rd. I looked back at this place during my SAS days. Facing the PGRM was a corner shop-lot that housed "Heng Lee Printing Co, 7A Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras Road, KL". It was here, all SAS printings were done, including the ASAS magazines, all the mechanical progress of which were carried out wholly by the students; for four years 1967-1970 I was in SAS, the megazine never late to go back home with the student at the long vacation mid nov every year.

With that I skipped the PP meeting 2/2007 in the afternoon. I knew beforehand that there were many jobs assigned to ICT committee.

My next mission would be to a place where some of my dried sweats were kept against my will and they made many smiles out of it. The centre of provident fund. A visitor here may give some inconvenience, in many ways, including in trying the exercise his right. He may find that the mood were not so welcoming.

-8; 2007 Apr 12; 1428 R'Awal 24 Thu

Unexpected f2f in the morning Rivera discourse. I knew he knew what was in my head. He knew I knew that he deliberated it in which ever way. I stayed as I was in 1970's. Every one around could tell the kind of enthalpic clouds.

At home almost done with the migration from 1700T to V3203TU of the indespensable data. The rest were backup or pre-cd folders. So far none was missed, or corrupted during the migration. Including things that needed to be reinstalled fresh from their original sources.

Received today 2007 Apr 12 Thu home-addressed, the official farewell from the university dated 2007 Apr 4, signed by a rather junior ceo. Unsure about the farewell occasion. Unlike the appointment which was signed by the pendaftar himself. I wonder who signed the letter when an NC, is retiring. All others who recieved this letter were administrative, except the fourth, YDP of the PKAUKM. I hope he "order" the bendahari to stop taking 3 rm of my money, the monthly fees. I do not wish to stop it myself. Let it take its own natural death even if it continues after my retirement, untill they found out that I have no more salary. It's ok for 3 rm a month for the PKAUM. Never mind its disfunction. All the content in the LAMPIRAN A were related to money, directly or indirectly. Item iii was accompalished yesterday. Including the "order" in the laporan perubahan gaji, which said my first service was 1984 Dec 1, which was actually the first date for the current post. My first service in UKM was 1974 Aug 10. They were colour-coded. This one with the green colour which one would receive once only.

Nocopy for pendaftar academik. No wonder I kept on receiving the instructions. I bet there will be some letters for me from the pendaftar academik after Apr 20. Especially during this post-exam season.

-7; 2007 Apr 13; 1428 R'Awal 25 Fri

FRI 13 was a very scary day in my STPD time. Some went to the extent of not turning on the PC on fri 13. Others were pre-advised to turn the PC clock away in either direction. It was the day the logic virus by the same name was unleashed. Today NEXT WEEK is my first day retirement. And the clock could not be turned in any either way.

Prof Ambar asked for a company over in the morning in the Rivera. Popped in the office. Packing the stuff were like unzipping the internet files before installation. The more some were packed, the bigger the volume that remains. Gave some ponder on things that might be needed later somewhere else. Oh yes, the PTK6 cert, and the accompanying letter of the pass-result, the course of which (the very first ever held by PPA UKM) I attended 2003 Oct 18-24, after which absolutely nothing happened to my salary or appointment, to this date. Oh no! yes, I could not relocate them.

-6; 2007 Apr 14; 1428 R'Awal 26 Sat

It's hard to believe that something happens. But it would be harder to believe when it happens. The thing is nothing will happen in six days time. Many instances make us very happy to go, but very sad to leave. Spent quite sometimes last night strolling the spaces of upnm. Kind of attractive too with the first kick to be in May. And this afternoon, a goliath of another space appeared receptive enough for making a move.

-5; 2007 Apr 15; 1428 R'Awal 27 Sun

A xero-Sunday, bracing for the FINAL WEEK from tomorrow. My close buddy, education colleague Dr Tajul began his retirement today. I believed many others in the JPA catalogue are retiring today, and everyday in the next FIVE days, and each day after it.

-4; W16 S-II 06/07: 2007 Apr 16; 1428 R'Awal 28 Mon

FINAL WEEK. The semester began its examination week; and the final students started their own count down to catch the degree conferement in Aug. In three weeks the campus will be slowly deserted. Without students a campus is dead. Without lecturers a university is a ghost den. But when there are students and lecturers merrying the campus, it goes like it belongs to the admin to whom the formers are made to submit. Admittedly the latter have all the "living skills" which they leave no face unturn.

Double discourse in Rivera. Punctuated by Rohaya's help in retrieving the chairman cc of the unlocated PTK6 pass-result letter. In twenty minutes. For the cert, I need to do some unpacking. It was just the cert of attendance any way. I skipped the PP "managers" meeting 4/2007, normally took all first half of the day. I am on leave any way.

WCG tax has expired since Apr 11, and TV since Apr 13. So, accompanied by Alya, made a trip to Jln Raja Laut. Not to renew them, but to get the NCD cert to transfer it to another company. This is to response to its decline for the twenty seven years old WCG - after all of my payment since TD in 1983 in the precursor SEA Insurance, and in Bukit Bintang, and all my cars, TM, WCG, TV, WFV, TAE. WFV and TAE will follow suit when the time comes. The trip was actually not worth my time and KOMUTER - STAR tour. To make it value-added, we strolled the Jlan TAR, seeing the places I used to go all along since 1967. The MARA arcade, Pertama complex, the Campbell, Jln Melayu, the Merdeka Square, the Sultan Abdul Samad Court Complex, the former General Post Office. And finally took the Komuter at KL Station, and home.

It was in Complex Pertama, my HP vibrated in need to be talked to. It was a humiliation indeed. It pricked my dignity. It would be wisely done without my knowledge. A blister may pop out from 6122.

-3; 2007 Apr 17; 1428 R'Awal 29 Tue

Logged-in to invigilate the examination of STKK2922 with co-lecturer Dr Rusli 8.30 DECTAR. Another chemistry paper of Dr Ishak and Dr Amran Majid with whom I always have resourceful discussion and discourse. And trustfully so today with a deeper confidentiality. And Prof Yahya Mahmud, my ukm-mate biologist turned biopsychologist in the social science faculty. And another paper perhaps from FPI. Then, after logout, STKK1113 with co-lecturers Dr Harun and Dr Ishak, 15.30 DP BESTARI with many more papers. Another science paper of Dr Ahmad Ismail. But other colleagues, many were just met in occasion like this, were academically warm. Not less than six papers from various faculties were "posted" here.

I passed on all the post-exam matters of both papers to the respective co-lecturers. They would pick up from where I left to the submission end of the marks. The marking would be done by the optical reader.

-2; 2007 Apr 18; 1428 R'Awal 30 Wed

Stand by. Bracing for anything. I asked Dr Rozali, the Chemistry programme head, to take a special look at my five hons students theses who had submitted without my full attention during the last week submission period. More boxes were imported from Yazid in the lab. Gave a bundle of "Amali Kimia Polimer" to Dr Maimunah that she co-authored many years ago. That book did not have the chance to be read by student because when it was published - 25 years UKM - polymer practical was no longer an entity.

Made the last visit to the panel clinic for our "ration", at least good for another fifteen days. Tomorrow the log-book would be surrendered, and from Apr 20 I would no longer enjoy the facility at the panel clinic on the university courtesy. I had been on this clinic (previous name: Pusat Rawatan Islam Bangi) since mid 1997, after "running away" from the one in Jln 1/4 since our tenure in Bangi from 1983 Mar because our trust was betrayed. That clinic enjoyed a very large patronage because it has a lady doctor no other clinic has at that time. And one of my SAS school mate, Dr Osman Sulaiman, a colleague in the medical faculty, was a locum. And the same reason we picked for the new clinic. While the first clinic had closed down, the second clinic's original lady doctor had moved on. Many other clinics around Bangi now are swarmed with lady doctors, but they are young and inexperienced. I had several anecdots. Like chemists, doctors too have to keep on learning from time to time. Not only new things, but also things that they had missed. And like chemistry, halopathy has several methods that a doctor may choose to approach.

-1; 2007 Apr 19; 1428 R'Akhir 01 Thu

LAST DAY in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The arrival was like that of a celebration. Even looking forward since yesterday and thro to the night at home. Many friends were very supportive and sympathetic in cheering me up, many even since yesterday.

But the smooth one piece exit I planned was marred by the ewarga network down. I kept the record that it was 7.18 am that I loged-in, not 8.50 am as in their log. I will make up anyway that 50 minutes lag on the exit logout although I have one day of unspent leave. I have made the promise that the one day unspent is for the token of friendship with UKM. I wanted no due to UKM on my exit dot. Other parts of the network was running. Including the webmail. I took the opportunity to update the NAV virus definition - dated Apr 18 [20070418-024-x86.exe]. And spyware scanning, in case a new definition was published.

Regular colleagues were in the Rivera to greet. The candidate appeared to begin to feel that he was the numero uno in the faculty. The others were the audience who he thought responded at every "punch line".

Collected the MatriQ matters from the office which arrived yesterday. Into the boot of WCG, to be taken to Seremban Royal Adelphi Apr 23 Monday for the usual biannual gathering. Shown to Prof Pauzi at the desk PC of the gen office that MJAS Vol 10 no 2 was downloadable. Shown also the cover for the Vol 11 No 1, already on the net. Handed the resume to Rohaya. It was a quick extension from my 2004 resume of the ill-fated grade-C application.

10.20 went to the 5th floor for final matters. On the way met at the zero-lift, the FPI dean. He was stunned by my not receiving the contract letter and humorously suggested to return to UDiM. Surrendered the health log-book. Scribbled a letter to pendaftar for the permission to keep the ID card. Verbally done about the library since I had not borrowed any book (not since the advent of the net - from ca. Windows 95). Had a chat with En Shahir Naim, about going on things in the abstract I did not know whether we understand each other or not. One thing we invariably agreed. That the life-line is always from up there and only from up there. On the way down in the lift met En Razak the senior principal assistant pendaftar FST. Also expresses surprise of the non-receiving. I could not gauge his authenticity.

While around that corner of the 'world', I strolled the back corridors of the FSSK complexes along which I passed only a few times through out my 33 years in UKM. To Pusanika. Passing along the offices of lecturers of FSSK, perhaps of psychology deparment or something. Judging by the door-tags, only a few had PhD. All their offices were carved-nyatoh-wooden-doored, unlike ours which were plywood - the original 1980's, except that of the professors who insisted to the change which we were made to understand they qualified. Paid the electric and water bills at the post office after distilling the fund at the CIMB tellar - and hi-ed to the emerging-out manager who always greeted me nicely whenever I had matters in the place. The turn-calling-ding-dong at the post office kept on clucking for the next customer. At the same time the turn-number dispenser kept on peeping in error and no turn-number slip came out for the scarsely customer - almost zero-time waiting.

Then down to the cafe for a light meal. Deputy Dean FST, who I had a glance in the post office, stamping a letter, was there and had the meal together. Too innocent to bring the matter over. Did not even know how to mime my not-receiving even though I knew that he knew it. My case, and another more injurous case was the talk of the time in the faculty. This was the first time I have my meal there, since the new operator took over. Students were frozen in the exam period, thus not many swarming the eatery. But the food look, variety and attire appeared good. Including the young female tenders of mixed complexion. Many chinese students too, unlike during the previous operator. Have not enough attention to gauge the price which normally extrapolates to a "life-span" approximation. A glass of white hot tea, a "blank" roti canai, and half-keel chicken. 3.40 rm.

It was nearly twelve. Taxonomising and stacking the boxes in the cube. Then it was a prolonged home break. I was an ordinary staff in UKM who evolved from an ordinary student. It was the mere time that was on my side. My exit was so infinitesimal, of nano-size in today's term. Even if I were a star, it was a little star in a giant distant galaxy. I twinkled only locally, known only to very close friends. And I did not make quite a neutron star on my exit.

It's now 5 pm. My time in UKM is officially OVER. But I will hang on for another 50 minutes to make over the lag due to the ewarga breakdown. Juggling the contents of the boxes for easier transportation to the destination - seven km away. LAST e-mail checked 5.40 pm on Eudora from IP. Later, it would be from home streamyx via web-based webmail. In three months time this e-mail acc will be closed. Then perhaps I would be on gmail, or yahoo dot com.

Room 2154 Level 2 Chemistry Building, South Wing. The room I had been aboding since 1983 Mar 16 Wed. Together with the accompanying Lab 2144 opposite of it. 24 years 34 days. Nonetheless, I will sneak-in again into this room many more times to collect my things, supposedly at empty hrs no one would see. Ninety percents of my belongings are still in the room by the time of logout. 5.50 PM LAST LOGOUT - RETIRED.

0; 2007 Apr 20; 1428 R'Akhir 02 Fri


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